Film Music is Underrated and I want to change that

I have always loved movie soundtracks. One of my early memories is sitting in the living room listening to The Lion King soundtrack before I went to bed. This love of movie music grew and stayed with me and now I’m making it my specialty in my career as a musicologist (a very fancy word for someone who studies music for a living).

Given how much music there is in movies (and if you think about it, there really is a LOT of music, just look at ANY of the Star Wars movies for example), you’d think there would be a lot of books and articles written on the subject, right?


I was horrified to discover that there are very few books written on the subject of film music. Now when I say a few, this is a relative term. There are probably like 30-50 books on the subject and you might say, well that is not a few. By comparison, there are over 200 books written just on Beethoven alone, even more on Mozart. My belief is that film music is just as important as the classical works of the past and it should be treated as such.

My goal with this blog is to bring wider attention to the world of film music and to show that film music is just as complex and beautiful as any classical work of music.
The first movie I will write about is considered one of the modern classics of film music: STAR WARS!! I’ll start with what is considered to be the best film in the original trilogy: Empire Strikes Back.

I’m looking forward to sharing film music with the world!!


2 thoughts on “Film Music is Underrated and I want to change that

  1. Rogue_5

    You’re so right, whenever I say my favourite genre of music is film scores people give me funny looks yet you can bet anything that if you played people their favourite film with out the score it wouldn’t have half the impact it does with it.

    Film music and film music composers are so overlooked but not just by ordinary listeners but by what I call the classical establishment. I see no difference in sitting down to listen to a Symphony by Beethoven and listening to The Lord of The Rings by Howard Shore which has just as much thematic complexities.

    Brilliant blog by the way 🙂

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    1. filmmusiccentral Post author

      Thank you so much! It’s true, film music is overlooked by the establishment, although praise God that seems to be slowly changing, just two months ago the musicology conference I attended had several papers given on film and cartoon music. I really hope I can live to see film music become more accepted in the world of classical music 🙂



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