Navigating around

Good morning everyone! I’m so excited by the comments I’ve received so far, you guys are awesome! Since I’ve been tinkering with the layout of the blog page, I thought I would write a quick guide as to what is located where.

About Me: A quick little intro to who I am

Film Music 101: is divided into three sections, History deals with important events in the history of film music, Jobs discusses the various jobs associated with creating a film score and Terms lists the different terms that define different parts of film music.

Interviews contains posts and links to various interviews given by film composers. To see interviews from a specific composer, click on their name.

Soundtracks contain an A-Z list of all the music from soundtracks that I have reviewed so far.

On This Day… is where all my “On this Day in Film History” posts can be found (as it grows they will eventually be organized by month and then by year)

And Films organizes together all the films I have discussed in general, so the Disney films, Star Trek and Star Wars.

I’m still experimenting, but for now this is the format I will stick with. I hope this helps (I wanted things to be easy to find, so if I’ve made it difficult, please let me know, constructive criticism is always appreciated). -Bex



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