Interview: Alternative Composer Tony Longworth

Happy to share an interview with film composer Tony Longworth, enjoy! (courtesy of La La Film)

La La Film

Tony Longworth calls himself a ‘dark, alternative music composer’ with his latest project – horror movie Retribution – out on DVD soon. So we caught up with him for a chat and had to ask…

What is an alternative composer?

Well I guess it’s a composer who does things a little differently, like me, ha ha. When I started out doing this, I made a conscious decision to approach film scores from a different angle, I didn’t want to do the same thing as the majority of film composers, I wanted to bring different elements, different styles of music into my film scores. I didn’t want to just call myself a film composer or music composer, I needed a another title, something that would make people curious, so the ‘alternative’ tag worked a treat for that.

When did you start doing this?

I started composing for film in 2000. I’d been in…

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