On this day in Film History: Play it again, Mr. Rubinstein

On this day in film history, famed pianist and composer Arthur Rubinstein (1887-1982) was born. Rubinstein received international acclaim during his lifetime and was considered one of the greatest interpreters of Chopin’s music. He performed publicly for eight decades.


The composer in 1971

Rubinstein was born in what is now Poland to a Jewish family, the youngest of seven children. From an early age he displayed perfect pitch and by four was recognized to be a child prodigy with music. He gave his first performance with the Berlin Philharmonic at the age of ten.


Rubinstein’s career became more centered in the U.S. and California during the Second World War, and it was there that he provided the piano soundtrack for the 1947 film Song of Love (starring Katherine Hepburn). He also starred as himself in Carnegie Hall (1947).

As his eyesight began to deteriorate, Rubinstein finally retired from public performance in May 1976, giving his last concert at the age of 89.

The performer died in his sleep in 1982 at the age of 95.

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