On this day in Film History: Avatar sets a new record


Credit to Gravillis Inc.

On this day in film history, James Cameron’s Avatar (2009) became the first film in history to gross over $2 billion dollars. At the time of its release, Avatar was hailed as one of the greatest science-fiction epics ever made. The film was written, produced and directed by James Cameron (of Titanic, Terminator and Aliens fame, to name a few).

I saw this film in the theater and I remember being completely enthralled (especially once the story really got going). The plot motif of an outsider eventually “going native” with a strange culture has been done before (Dances with Wolves is a good example), but it’s a good story nonetheless if it’s told well. Close to a decade later, while I still think Avatar is a good movie, I also have come to believe that the film was too large in scope (yes that is possible). For all the wonderful moments, the ending of the film was way too drawn out, which ultimately detracted from the story. The other problem is, if a sequel is promised, but then takes years and years to come out, it is very possible for the audience to lose interest. I am genuinely concerned that if Avatar 2 takes much longer, it won’t do well at the box office (but I could be wrong).

It’s hard to talk about the score for this film because it was put together by James Horner. Originally, he and Cameron had agreed to work together on the entire franchise, but of course that won’t be possible now. I hope that whoever is selected to score the rest of the films will pay homage to Horner’s work by re-working as many of his themes as possible.

That’s all for the month of January, until next time! -Bex

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