On this day in Film History: Hannibal returns

(As with yesterday, I know this is a day late, but I’m feeling better and playing catch up at the moment, so please enjoy!)


Property of MGM

On this day in film history, Sir Anthony Hopkins returned to the famous role of serial killer Hannibal Lecter in Hannibal (2001), a story set ten years after the events of The Silence of The Lambs. FBI Agent Clarice Starling (now played by Julianne Moore) is wrongly blamed for a drug raid gone bad, and Lecter is still living on the run.

Starling is contacted by Mason Verger, the only person known to have survived one of Lecter’s attacks (though he is horribly disfigured and crippled as a result). Verger has learned of Starling’s connection to Lecter and is hoping to lure the serial killer out of hiding (so he can kill him himself, in revenge for what happened to him all those years ago). Through the course of the film, Lecter and Starling reunite at last, in one of the most horrifying dinner scenes I have ever witnessed on film (Hopkins plays the role to perfection, but the scene is so gruesome that you’ll just have to watch it for yourself).

The score for this film was provided by Hans Zimmer, who worked closely with director Ridley Scott in assembling the music. Ridley Scott is one of those directors who believes that film music is just as important as the dialogue (my kind of director) and the final result is done quite well. For the opera scene in Florence, Zimmer took a sonnet written by Dante and set it to music.

I do recommend seeing this film at least once (but you should watch The Silence of the Lambs first for context).

Hopefully things at Film Music Central will be back in full swing by the end of the week, you guys are all awesome!! -Bex

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