On this day in Film History: The Lorax has a message


On this day in film history, Universal Pictures released The Lorax (2012), based on the best-selling story by Dr. Seuss, which tells the story of a wonderful Truffula Tree forest and how it is slowly destroyed by the Once-ler in order to make “Thneeds.”

I remember liking this movie a little more than I thought I would (3D movies are hit and miss with me, mostly because my eyes have a hard time handling the 3D effect), of course I was already familiar with the Lorax story and I was curious to see how it would look as a full-length film. One thing I liked is that the film resolved the cliffhanger ending of the original story. In the original story, the Lorax has disappeared long since, and has not returned, and the Once-ler only hopes that if the last Truffula seed can grow into a tree, maybe the Lorax and all the animals will come back. The film goes a step further and shows the land as it recovers and the Lorax finally does come back (which made me happy).

The music for this film was composed by John Powell (who also composed all the songs heard in the film). Powell has worked on a number of animated films including Antz, Chicken Run, Robots, Happy Feet and How to Train Your Dragon. If you haven’t seen this film before, I believe it’s worth viewing at least once, for the message it shares if nothing else.

Have a good day!

*the film poster is property of Universal Pictures

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