On this day in Film History: Ultraviolet

(Also a few days late, can’t believe I missed this one, many apologies!)


On this day in film history, Screen Gems released Ultraviolet (2oo6), a film widely considered to be the spiritual successor to Equilibrium (2002). The film stars Mila Jovovich (Alice from Resident Evil) as Violet Song, a member of an underground resistance movement where all the members are infected with a vampire-like disease which causes death 12 years after infection. As the story opens, Violet is beginning her last 36 hours of life when she steals a “weapon” that is allegedly meant to destroy everyone infected with the vampire disease. Surprisingly, this weapon turns out to be a boy named Six, and instead of turning him over, Violet flees with him, setting the story into motion.

It’s been a while, but I’ve seen this film a few times, and I enjoyed it for what it was (a wild ride through a future dystopia). Is it the most brilliant film ever made? No, but it’s not a bad film either. The music was composed by Klaus Badelt (who also composed the score for Equilibrium). To be honest, for a while I kept confusing the plot of this film with Aeon Flux (and vice versa).

Have a good Tuesday! -Bex

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