Announcing: The Royalty on Film Blogathon

This looks like so much fun, check it out!

The Flapper Dame

Hello All! Since my first blogathon was a great success I am very proud to announce I have decided to  host another!  For those of you who don’t already know, despite being American I am a bonafide Royalist and absolutely love the British Royal Family. Deciding to combine my two great loves, Royalty and Film, the theme for this blogathon will be “Royalty on Film” starting on the anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation- June 2 and ending on June 5

Interested? Keep reading !!!

The Rules are:

  1. The Royalty you choose to write up about can be real- an actor portraying a real life figure OR it can be fictional/ fantastical- like in Roman Holiday or The Swan
  2. No documentaries allowed! This is a fictional portrayal of royalty
  3. Animated cartoons are allowed- I would love to see some Disney Princess entries!
  4. Biopics about royalty are allowed as are silent…

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