In The Good Old Days Of Classic Hollywood.

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The first ever blogathon I hosted last year was the Barrymore Trilogy Blogathon, which took place over Ethel Barrymore’s Birthday weekend. Seeing as the blogathon was a victorious success, I’ve decided to make it an annual event, and this year I was so enthusiastic about announcing it that I’ve got in early.

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Anyone that knows me would know that I’m a Barrymore enthusiast. I have always marveled over the talents of this prominent theatrical family who have graced the stage and screen with their versatile acting ability and unique artistry that has been showcased since before the birth of cinema and right up to the present day.

Ethel Barrymore was born on August 15th, 1879, so in commemoration of what would have been her 136th Birthday, I’m paying tribute to Ethel and her family by hosting my second blogathon dedicated to the Barrymore’s.

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