John Williams may not return for Star Wars Episode VIII

Oh say it isn’t so!!

That’s what I thought when I read this distressing news here : John Williams has indicated that he may not return to compose the score for Episode VIII. He is already not composing the music for Rogue One (Alexandre Desplat has that pleasure), but if John Williams isn’t returning for the next installment of the main franchise then…could this mean his days of composing for Star Wars are over??

I know that John Williams is 84 and not getting any younger, but this would still be a horrible shock for me (Asperger’s makes me extremely resistant to change) as Williams’ music remains some of my most beloved favorites. And since he’s been composing the music for Star Wars since 1977, the thought of someone else composing the  music….is totally alien to me (though ever since Disney announced their intentions to continue Star Wars indefinitely I knew it would have to happen sooner or later).

I sincerely hope though, that for Episode VIII at least, Williams decides to return, because I’m not ready to say goodbye just yet.

What do you think of the possibility of John Williams not returning to Star Wars: Episode VIII?




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4 thoughts on “John Williams may not return for Star Wars Episode VIII

  1. Film Music Central Post author

    I know right? I’m sure certain musical conventions that he established will still be honored (like using the Star Wars overture at the start of each film) but it just won’t be the same!



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