Special Report: Hans Zimmer live!

this would be so amazing to see Hans Zimmer and hear his music live!!!

A Sky of Books and Movies

SAM_1305Composer Hans Zimmer played his movie music in Rotterdam, NL yesterday, in front of thousands. He was happy to wear an orange belt for the occasion. Zimmer gave a passionate and personal performance and chose a nice selection of highlights that left everyone deeply satisfied. Going to his live performance is definitely very different from listening at home.

Hans Zimmer is one of the most popular composers of film music today. And with film music I don’t mean those song compilations but the symphonic accompaniment. It is such an underrated part of film, because it really sets the tone of the films. When it is done well, it can make a film. When it is done exceptionally well, it enters the popular consciousness. This is not to say that popularity is everything, but it is glorious to be able to share the love for movie music in a grand show…

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