Announcing The Ray Harryhausen Blogathon

I’m in!!!

wolffian classics movies digest

I was thinking upon this idea frankly on just why not honor him. I had planned not do a  Blogathon until vivien leigh’s planned one for me which is a good while form now.So today to do a Blogathon to my childhood hero Ray Harryhausen.

BLOGATHON RULES:Bloggers are more than welcome to write about any film or topic relating to  Ray Harryhausen. the Blogathon will be held on July 10th – 15th, 2016. Please send your posts into me on any one of those days.Duplicate entries allowed but i prefer you you do your own orginal choice of an article. So all have fun and join in to honor him.


Ray Harryhausen a childhood hero of mine. I just can say that i been obsessed with his work snice i was a boy. His monsters had more personality then me as a boy but it was truly magical when i frist…

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