Liebster Award #7



Wow, a big thank you to joel watches movies for nominating me for my seventh Liebster Award! The rules of a Liebster Award are simple:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you
  2. Answer the 11 questions given
  3. Nominate 5-11 different people
  4. Give them 11 questions to answer.

So let’s get started!!

  1. Last great film you saw?

I’ll have to say when I got to see a special showing of The Ten Commandments (1956) in the theater, there are very few films as great as that one.

2. Favourite film starting with the letter F?

Oh good grief…let me think….I’d say Frozen (2013) except I’ve never actually seen that movie all the way through (sacrilege I know). Well, there is Forbidden Planet (1956), one of the most underrated science fiction films ever! It’s the first film with a completely electronic score, and it has Robby the Robot!

3. Last film you cried during?

Probably Les Miserables (2012), during Fantine’s “I Dreamed a Dream” song.

4. Favourite vegetable?

sweet potatoes!! Baked sweet potatoes are delicious 🙂

5. Favourite microwaveable food?


6. Favourite actor or actress?

Tom Hiddleston without a question.

7. Something you wished you saw more in movies?

This may sound weird, but I wish there was more “hero/heroine must save best friend in peril at the last second” moments. I like moments like that.

8. Something you wished you saw less?

Less blood and gore for blood and gore’s sake.

9. Favourite thing to do for fun (besides watch movies)?

Read books (lots and lots of books)

10. Favourite opening credits sequence?

Are we talking film or television? Because in film that would be the opening to Spectre (2015) and in television it would have to be Game of Thrones (I LOVE that opening).

11. Best thing that’s happened to you so far this year?

I got to meet Brent Spiner, Denise Crosby and the voice of Kirito from Sword Art Online at Lexington Comic-Con back in March (that was freaking AWESOME!!).

Okay, now for my nominations. I’ve been doing a lot lately so I’m going to do 5 this time:

  1. Damien Riley
  2. 3R Movie Reviews
  3. inkinsky
  4. Aaron Farrell
  5. Canadian Cinephile

And my 11 questions are:

  1. Who is your favorite Star Wars character?
  2. What one movie would you permanently erase from existence?
  3. For the second half of 2016, what movie are you most excited to see?
  4. Favorite film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?
  5. Least favorite film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?
  6. If you could live in Westeros….would you?
  7. Are you a Jedi or a Sith?
  8. Favorite television series?
  9. Favorite book?
  10. You can invite 5 actors/actresses over for a party: who’s coming?
  11. Favorite Disney film?

Okay, that’s all from me! -Bex


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