My second appearance on the Talking Stars podcast: Episode 8 “Remakes”

Today marks my second appearance on the Talking Stars podcast that is hosted by Darren from Movie Reviews 101 and Damien from Riley on Film . In episode 8 (found below), the topic of the day was film remakes and we all had our particular remakes that we wanted to discuss. My choices were Star Trek: Into Darkness, the upcoming Ben-Hur remake and also Maleficent (a rare remake that I actually like).

Talking Stars Episode 8 – Remakes

The Talking Stars podcast also has their own website now which you can locate at  or click the “Talking Stars” picture-link in the main sidebar on the right hand side of the blog page.

Talking Stars is a really fun podcast, if you’d like to be a guest star yourself, just shoot Darren or Damien a message and I know they’ll be happy to set something up with you.

For my first appearance on the podcast, check out episode 3, where we talked about the late James Horner: Talking Stars Episode 3: James Horner

Enjoy the episode and let me know in the comments what you think about remakes, whether you love them or can’t stand them. Later!

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