What’s coming up in Film Music Central

With the end of summer (sadly) approaching, I thought I’d share some updates on what will be coming up here on Film Music Central.

The first thing is that the fall semester begins at the end of the month, which means I will be a lot busier and I may not be able to post as often. Along with the semester starting I will be doubling down on my dissertation writing, which will really keep me busy.

The second thing is that I have been doing a lot of animated film reviews over the last several months and while I will continue to look at Disney and other animated films, I will also begin writing about more live-action films and their soundtracks as well. Right now, the first film in that area will be The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001), a film with an absolutely gorgeous score by Howard Shore. Look for that series to start sometime this month.

My second blogathon, The Music of Star Trek Blogathon, is coming in late September (information and current roster are located hereΒ ) and I’m getting really excited about the line-up. There are still plenty of Star Trek musical pieces available so check it out and sign up if you’re interested.

This last one isn’t set in stone, but I am considering a series on the Harry Potter films. This would be very new for me because the only Harry Potter film I’ve seen in full is the first one. If this ends up happening I will make another announcement about it. But I thought you should know I’m considering it πŸ™‚

The other big change that just happened yesterday is that I joined Patreon as a means of providing a new way to support the blog. The page launched yesterday (you can check out the announcement here) so feel free to check it out πŸ™‚

That’s what’s upcoming right now, along with my other regular ongoing series (On this Day in Film History, Quick and Random Thoughts and the ongoing Disney/Pixar/animated film music series). Thanks again for checking out Film Music Central and making blogging so much fun πŸ™‚

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6 thoughts on “What’s coming up in Film Music Central

  1. Martin: Through the Silver Screen

    I loved your series on Mulan! hadn’t seen that movie in ages but your series has compelled me to buy the movie on Blu ray and give it a rewatch! Keep up the great work!! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Martin: Through the Silver Screen

        I shall do, will get a review up when I have given it a rewatch, looking forward to your LOTR series!

        Liked by 1 person

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