Two more Sunshine Blogger Awards!

Wow! Thanks to Keithlovesmovies and joel watches movies for nominating me for two additional Sunshine Blogger Awards! I can’t believe I’ve gotten four already! The rules are simple:


  1. Thank the person (or persons) who nominated you (include a link back to their blog)
  2. Answer their quetsions
  3. Nominate 11 additional people
  4. Give them 11 questions to answer.

Without further ado, I’ll start with the questions from Keithlovesmovies:

  1. What was your favorite movie of 2016 so far?

It’s a tie between Gods of Egypt and The Legend of Tarzan

2. What was your least favorite movie of 2016 so far?

Hail, Caesar (waste of good money)

3. What is your favorite movie of all time?

You know there’s no way I can answer that with just ONE movie. At the moment, it’s a three way tie between Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, The Empire Strikes Back and Beauty and the Beast.

4. What is your least favorite movie of all time?

Star Trek Into Darkness (for reasons that are well-known to anyone who has read this blog).

5. What is your favorite TV show?

Penny Dreadful, one of the greatest tv shows I’ve ever seen.

6. What movies this year are you most looking forward to?

I am eagerly anticipating Moana, Kubo and the Two Strings and especially Rogue One!

7. Do you like watching a movie in a theater or at home?

Both, though I try to go see my favorites in the theater as often as possible (“favorites” being James Bond films, Star Wars films and whatever franchise I happen to be tracking at the time).

8. What is the most movies you’ve seen in a day?

I’ll guesstimate about three to four maximum, Disney movies are easier to marathon than more “serious” films. I have a goal to binge watch the entire Mission Impossible film series in one day (about 10 hours).

9. How many movies have you seen this year?

I honestly have no idea, more than five (if you’re referring to watching films in the theater). A lot more than that if you mean watching films in general.

10. What do you do when you’re not watching movies?

Dissertation work, music transcription, reading, sleeping, eating, feeding/loving the cat, taekwondo (currently a brown belt), working on the podcast and outlining YouTube episodes. Not necessarily in that order.

11. Why did you start blogging?

I love to write and after I had to work on a blog as part of a class seminar, I decided to start a blog of my own, and thus Film Music Central was born (though I didn’t move it to WordPress until later).

And the questions from joel watches movies

1. Favourite film starting with A?

Automata for sure (if you haven’t seen it, please look it up and go see it, it’s amazing!)
2. Favourite movie title?

Anything that has Star Wars or Star Trek in it (minus the Kelvin timeline films)
3. What music have you been listening to lately?

The soundtracks for The Machine and Blade Runner (dissertation work)
4. Dream job?

Landing a tenure-track position at a university or working in a research library or getting to blog for a living. All of these are my dream jobs at the moment.
5. Favourite movie poster?

The posters for the Lord of the Rings trilogy are pretty awesome 🙂

6. Favourite summer activity?

Going swimming!!
7. Favourite winter activity?

Staying inside where it’s warm lol 🙂
8. Most memorable eating experience?

The first time I ate lobster (it was wonderful!!!)
9. Have you ever walked out of a movie? Which one and why?

Though I’ve been tempted, I have never actually walked out of a movie.
10. Most enjoyable grade in school?

Third grade 🙂
11. Favourite movie director? Pick ONE!:)

Just one? Awww, that’s no fun. Well if I had to pick one at the moment….Peter Jackson because he gave us The Lord of the Rings on film 🙂

Wow, great questions! Now for my 11 nominees:

  1. Cinematic Scribblings
  2. emmakwall (explains it all)
  3. Films & Series: What about them?
  4. Pfeiffer Pfilms and Meg Movies
  5. Reel Film
  6. Charlotte & Cate
  7. Niche Film Review
  8. I Found it at the Movies
  9. The Mad Movie Ranter
  10. Film Faculty
  11. ghezalplusmovies

And my 11 questions are:

  1. You can only watch ONE movie for the rest of your life, which do you choose?
  2. Star Wars or Star Trek?
  3. To really nit-pick, original Star Trek or rebooted Star Trek?
  4. What’s the best movie you ever saw in the theater?
  5. Favorite animated Disney film?
  6. You have the power to delete one film from existence for all eternity, which do you choose?
  7. Favorite book to film adaptation?
  8. Who is going to win the Game of Thrones?
  9. Who is your favorite actor?
  10. What is your favorite film genre?
  11. Favorite film soundtrack?

Have fun with the questions and have a good day! -Becky





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