Quick Thoughts: Anticipating Kubo and the Two Strings, Ben-Hur

In a perfect world, I would probably be at the movie theater every weekend. With the high stress of writing a dissertation AND working a mostly full-time job, going to the movies provides the perfect mental escape, as well as providing new films for me to write about. However, since the world is less than perfect, I have to pick and choose which films I go to see, and two films I’ve been anticipating (for wildly different reasons) are finally in theaters: Kubo and the Two Strings and Ben-Hur.


I’m actually planning on seeing Kubo and the Two Strings tomorrow night (or perhaps Sunday night if tomorrow doesn’t work out). I’ve been intrigued by this film since I saw the first teaser in the theater, it really looks amazing. The story is set in ancient Japan and is complete stop-motion animation, a style that I have loved ever since I saw my first Ray Harryhausen film. The story of Kubo being chased by gods and monsters, assisted by Monkey and Beetle along the way, reminds me so much of the old Japanese myths that I loved reading in high school. You don’t often see films with this type of setting, and I’m eager to see how the film plays out. Of course there will be a review, both here on the blog and on my YouTube channel 🙂


The other film, that I’m half-dreading, is Ben-Hur, the “new interpretation” of Lew Wallace’s book Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ (1880) that also spawned the Oscar-winning 1959 film of the same name. I tried very hard to keep an open mind regarding this film, but as soon as I saw the previews…I just knew, it was going to be ugly. And knowing that I wasn’t going to enjoy it created something of a dilemma for me. As much as I love writing about films, I have a habit of avoiding films that I’m not going to enjoy, because I go to the movies to be entertained, not bored or upset. And yet, the only way I can review the film is if I go to see it. So…I’m going to bite the bullet, and at some point this month, I’ll go see the new Ben-Hur (and there will be a review for the ages afterward).

It kind of balances itself out in a way: one film I’m anticipating, one film I’m dreading. But that’s what happens when you blog about films, at some point there’s going to be one or more films that you just don’t like.

What films are you going to see this weekend? Have you ever forced yourself to go see a film even when you knew you weren’t going to like it? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and I’ll catch ya’ll later- Becky

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5 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts: Anticipating Kubo and the Two Strings, Ben-Hur

  1. Damien Riley

    ‘Ben Hur’ is not a complete wash. I enjoyed myself at times. You may end up really liking it. Some people are. If nothing else, with your rich knowledge of the original you can see in detail where it’s hit or miss. Feel better and have a great day.

    Liked by 1 person


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