The Music of Star Trek Blogathon is a month away!!

Wow, we are already one month out from the Music of Star Trek Blogathon that will be hosted by me on September 23rd-25th!! There’s still time to sign up if you’re interested, here is the current roster:

  • Plain, Simple Tom Reviews: “Amok Time” Fight Scene, from The Original Series
  • MovieRob: “Broken Bow” Enterprise, Season 1, Episode 1
  • MovieRob: “Caretaker” Voyager, Season 1, Episode 1
  • Films on Wax: “The Enterprise” from Star Trek: The Motion Picture
  • Film Music Central: “The Best of Both Worlds, Parts 1 & 2” from Star Trek: TNG
  • thetemptrack: “Music and characterization in Star Trek (2009)
  • thetemptrack: “Main Title” from Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
  • thetemptrack: Scoring Spock in The Original Series
  • Thoughts All Sorts:Star Trek (2009) and/or Star Trek: Into Darkness (2013)
  • the meg-nog list blog: Star Trek: Nemesis

If you’d like to sign up, the sign up page can be accessed here

Any show or film from the Star Trek universe is available (though if you’re picking one of the television shows, I would prefer focusing on a particular episode) and I’m allowing the same topic to be picked up to two times (which means Star Trek (2009) is no longer available).

If you have any questions about a piece you might like to talk about, let me know, and please spread the word about this blogathon, I just know it will be awesome and hopefully we can get even more people to join in 🙂

For those participating, please include at the top of your post something along the lines of “This post is part of the Music in Star Trek Blogathon hosted by Film Music Central” and include links connecting back to my blog. There’s no set order for posting, just let me know when your post is up so I know to include it in my recap for the day.

Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with for the blogathon, see you in a month!


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