My thoughts on Star Wars: Rebels (seasons 1 and 2)

*Warning: this post is FULL of spoilers for Star Wars: Rebels, so if you haven’t seen the series and don’t want any surprises, don’t look!!!

Oh. WOW!!!!!

I knew that Star Wars: Rebels was good, but I had no idea that it was THIS good!!!!

Let me back up a little: last weekend I had the opportunity to make a little extra money and I ended up purchasing season 1 of Rebels (much as I wanted to add the final season of Penny Dreadful to my collection, I hadn’t seen any episodes of Rebels yet). Fast forward to this past Saturday and I started watching and within five minutes, I was completely and utterly hooked! In fact, I was so hooked, that by the time I made it through episode 10 of season 1 I had to run out and buy season 2 so I could keep going!!


Left to right: Ezra, Kanan and Hera

If you ever watched the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series, Rebels is kinda/sorta a sequel to that (in spirit at least, if not in actual fact). While the first series took place in between Episode II and III, Rebels picks up nearly 15 years after Episode 3 (and less than five years before the Battle of Yavin in Episode IV, you know, where the Death Star goes BOOM!)


Our band of heroes (Sabine is my favorite)

The setting (for the most part) is the planet Lothal in the Outer Rim. That’s where Ezra Bridger encounters a small group of rebels doing their own small part to undermine the Empire. They are:

Kanan Jarrus: a former Padawan and leader of the group

Sabine Wren: a young Mandalorian who loves to make things blow up

Zeb: a Lasat (purple striped alien) who really dislikes Stormtroopers

Hera Syndulla: a Twi’lek and the captain of the Ghost (the rebel’s ship)

Chopper: a really snarky C-1 droid with severe attitude problems

Ezra ends up joining the group after he 1) steals part of the supplies they were trying to steal 2) steals a Jedi Holocron that belongs to Kanan and 3) discovers that he has a lot of Force potential (evidenced by his ability to unlock the Holocron to play a recorded message from Obi-Wan Kenobi). It turns out that Kanan allowed Ezra to steal the holocron because he sensed the kid had Force potential, and if he proved able to unlock the holocron, he could potentially be trained to be a Jedi.


“Twilight of the Apprentice” is some of the greatest Star Wars action you will ever see

The story grows bigger and bigger as time goes on. We meet several Inquisitors, servants of the Dark Side (but NOT full Sith) who are trained to hunt down any remaining Jedi and to kidnap children with Force potential (to prevent their potential Jedi training in the future). They answer directly to Darth Vader (who trained them) and it is later revealed that they were formerly Jedi themselves. So far we have met:

The Grand Inquisitor, a former Jedi Temple Guard and the initial antagonist of the series. After being cornered by Kanan, he commits suicide rather than let himself report another failure to Darth Vader.

The Fifth Brother: a rather arrogant Inquisitor who definitely prefers killing first and asking questions later

The Seventh Sister: a very sly Inquisitor who uses an army of small droids to gather information and trap her prey (if necessary) until she can arrive.

The Eighth Brother: a mysterious Inquisitor dispatched on a secret mission to the planet Malachor (it’s revealed later that his mission was to hunt Darth Maul who, surprise, is still alive after all these years!)


5th Brother and 7th Sister: Two nasty pieces of work

As of the end of season 2, all these Inquisitors are deceased (by various means), but I have a feeling we may be meeting more in the future.

And then there’s Darth Vader himself (voiced by James Earl Jones naturally). His appearances are understandably kept few and far between, but he definitely steals the show every time he appears. He was the primary antagonist for season 2, and while it’s been said he won’t appear in season 3, I can’t help but think he’ll be back in the future (at least I hope so anyway). And speaking of season 2, a major arc involved him coming face to face with Ahsoka Tano, the former Padawan of Anakin Skywalker (and a major character from The Clone Wars series). After Ahsoka finally confirmed that Anakin and Vader were one and the same (I think she figured it out a lot sooner, but she was in denial), a confrontation between the two was inevitable. That confrontation was the finale of season 2 and is going to get an entire blog post all to itself.

And now that season 3 is here, we have Grand Admiral Thrawn, back in canon and just as perfect as we all imagined he would be. Of course I’ve only seen clips from season 3; I ditched my cable over a year ago so the only way I can watch the show is on DVD which means a long wait for me.

But on the plus side, I have seasons 1 and 2 on DVD which means I can binge them as often as I like until season 3 is finished. Seriously, give this series a chance if you haven’t already. Yes the series is animated, but it’s definitely NOT just for kids.

My upcoming deadlines will be past soon, and once they are my blogging schedule should (mostly) return to normal (I hope). Thanks for sticking with Film Music Central, you guys are the best! -Becky

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