Film Music Central Turns 1!!!


Happy bloggiversary!! Has it really been a year since this grand experiment got started? Actually it’s been a year and two days, but let’s not split hairs here. Last November 14th, after much thought and hesitation, I took the leap and began posting on a blog I’d dubbed “Film Music Central.”

As much as I wanted to blog, I admit I was scared of the reaction (if any) that I would receive. Would people like hearing about film music, would they be bored, would anyone come read my posts at all? I thought all these things, but I decided to do it anyway, because (I reasoned), if nothing else, it will give me a chance to practice my writing skills. But (to my unending delight), readers did come…oh boy did they come!!! My initial goal of 100 followers in my first year was completely obliterated (261 and counting) and I’ve gotten more compliments and feedback than I ever imagined!

And to think it all started with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (I know the timestamp says December 3rd, it’s a long story but that post was actually published the first time on November 14th, honest!). After deciding I was going to run a blog full time, and about film music no less, I racked my brains for days trying to decide where to start. And then it dawned on me….why not start with Disney music? And so I began with Snow White…and the rest is really history!

To everyone who has ever stopped by the blog, thank you. To everyone who has liked, encouraged and offered support, thank you! Seeing how the blog has grown and flourished in its first year, I can’t wait to see what happens in year 2!!! Cheers! -Becky


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