R.I.P. Richard Adams (1920-2016)

(This is the last obituary for today I promise)

With everything going on, I was surprised when my mother told me that author Richard Adams passed away on Christmas Eve. If you’re not familiar with his work, Richard Adams is best known for writing Watership Down (1972), which follows a group of rabbits as they travel to make a new warren in a safe place. That story was adapted into an animated film in 1978 and is well-regarded to this day.


I read the novel back when I was growing up; it was an old, falling-apart copy that my mom read way back in junior high when she had to read the book for school. I remember being fascinated by the story and the idea of rabbits having their own culture and mythology. If you’ve only ever seen the film version of Watership Down, you need to read the book at least once, because there is so much more detail in the story that never makes it to the screen.

We’ve lost so many people this year, both old and far too young, and it pains me to add this name to the list. May he rest in peace.


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