Looking Back at 2016, goals for 2017

Wow, what a year this has been, for me AND the blog.My first full year on WordPress is nearly over and I’m delighted with how the blog has grown.

Thus far, here are my stats for 2016:

Total views: 16, 183

Visitors: 8,422

Likes: 3,194

Comments: 1,246

Posts: 514 (that includes this one)

Followers: 280

My most popular post for the year (apart from About Me) was In memory of Brian Bedford: A look at Disney’s Robin Hood

I ran two blogathons this year: Remembering James Horner (which WILL be returning next year) and The Music of Star Trek (which might return).

I think it’s fair to say this first year has gone exceedingly well, but I hope I can improve in 2017. Right now my goal for followers is 500, and hopefully I’ll reach 20,000 total views for the year (but only time will tell if I make it to that goal).

One thing about next year that you all should know is I’ll be in the end stages of writing my dissertation, so the further along 2017 goes the less often I’ll be writing because I’ll be focusing on finishing my rough draft.

That’s about it from me (my head is still reeling from the news of Debbie Reynold’s passing last night), hope everyone enjoys a happy (and safe!!) New Year. And for the sake of our sanity, may 2017 be miles better than 2016.

Thank you to everyone who has supported Film Music Central through its first year 🙂

Happy New Year! -Becky

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