Let’s Go to the Oscars #10: Miklos Rozsa wins Best Score of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture for Ben-Hur (1959)

For the most part, this series has been looking at Oscar wins from relatively recent films, but today I thought I would go back a bit further and check out the Oscar win of what is possibly one of the greatest films ever made: Ben-Hur (1959). I may have mentioned it before, and in any event I have no trouble saying it again: no film has EVER won more Oscars than this film. Ben-Hur took home eleven Academy Awards that night, a feat that has only been tied TWICE (by Titanic (1997) and Return of the King (2003)) and never surpassed. One of those well-earned Oscars was given for Rozsa’s indelible score.

Miklos Rozsa wins the Oscar for Ben-Hur (1959)

It’s really interesting to look back and see how much the Oscars ceremony has changed over the years (and I don’t just mean that it used to be shown in black and white either). For one, you notice how much shorter the presentations are? And not just that, the acceptance speeches are REALLY shorter. If they did the Oscars today like they did then, the show would be over well before midnight (and would that really be a bad thing?)

Truth be told, in terms of showing early Oscar clips like this one, I actually can’t go back too much farther in time. Although the Academy Awards have been held since 1929, they weren’t televised to the public until 1953 (before then, starting in 1930, you could listen on the radio). So 1953 is as far back as I can go, unless I someday get my hands on some of the radio broadcasts (I’m working on that actually). Anyways, I hope you enjoy this look back at the 1960 Oscars, and if you’ve never watched the 1959 Ben-Hur (especially if you suffered through the 2016 remake), please go give it a try, the music will stick with you for days!

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