Star Wars Episode VIII has a title!!!

Of course they would announce the title of Episode VIII when I’m away on vacation. If I’d been home I would’ve jumped on this so fast…oh well, let’s get to it!!


It’s official, Episode VIII will be titled The Last Jedi. I like this title, even if it does remind me of Return of the Jedi a little bit. Of course the million dollar question is, who is The Last Jedi? In my mind there are two possibilities: the obvious (and most likely) choice is Luke Skywalker, who probably is the last Jedi after Kylo Ren took out his Jedi training school. Less likely, but still possible, is that this is referring to Rey, who will be trained by Luke, making HER the last Jedi.

I’m glad we’ve gotten the title for the latest installment, if nothing else. I still want to see a teaser of some kind, even if it’s just 30 seconds. Now that the title is out, maybe this means we’ll be getting that soon??

Regardless, Star Wars: The Last Jedi is due on December 15th (just under 11 months away).

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