RIP Bill Paxton (1955-2017)

(My Oscar thoughts are regretfully delayed, but they should be out by Wednesday at the absolute latest, my head is still spinning over how it ended last night).


Like everyone else, I was sent reeling when word broke that actor Bill Paxton (of Aliens, Titanic, Twister and Apollo 13 fame, among others) had unexpectedly died due to complications from surgery. When I saw the news my first thought was “Well this has to be a mistake, he can’t be dead!” But the more I looked, the more I saw news sites confirming his passing, until finally I had to accept it as reality.

Bill Paxton had this knack for creating a memorable screen presence, even if he wasn’t anywhere near top billing (like his appearance in The Terminator). And he didn’t play just one type of character either, he played the whole gamut from cool and calm to downright hysterical (definitely thinking of Hudson from Aliens for that last one).

I admit I haven’t seen anything he’s done lately, but now, whenever I put Aliens in, it won’t feel the same ever again. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I know that life happens, people die for all kinds of reasons. But just like when we lost Carrie Fisher, losing Bill Paxton at such a (relatively) young age is just…wrong!!

Rest in Peace Bill Paxton, you are sorely missed.


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