Oscars 2017: And the Winners Are…

My oh my what a night that was!! The 89th Academy Awards have come and gone; there were some surprises, some upsets and what is possibly the biggest gaffe in the history of live television (more on that later). As with the other awards shows this year, several speeches turned political (the winner of Best Foreign Film did not attend because he was protesting the president’s insane executive order barring refugees and immigrants from certain countries, including his own), but thankfully politics did not completely dominate the evening. Jimmy Kimmel actually did an okay job hosting the Oscars (ever since Seth MacFarlane disastrously hosted in 2013 I’ve been wary about watching the show), I particularly loved the moment where candy dropped from the ceiling with little parachutes attached. Hosting the Academy Awards can be a risky endeavor, so I wish luck to whoever is tapped to host the 90th Academy Awards next year.

Here are the big winners from last night (I’m focusing on the major awards, an exhaustive list would take a really long time):

Best Supporting Actress: Viola Davis for Fences

Her acceptance speech was one of the most intense I’ve listened to in a very long time.

Best Supporting Actor: Mahershala Ali for Moonlight

Best Actress: Emma Stone for La La Land

Best Actor: Casey Affleck for Manchester by the Sea

Best Original Score: La La Land 

I freaking KNEW it!!! I KNEW that somehow La La Land would end up taking the award and I don’t like it! Arrival should have taken that prize (I know it was “disqualified” but still…)

Best Original Song: “City of Stars” from La La Land

“How Far I’ll Go” should’ve won this award and deep down everybody knows it.

Best Animated Feature Film: Zootopia

My jaw smacked the floor when Zootopia was announced as the winner. It’s not that I don’t like Zootopia but…when you compare it to Kubo and the Two Strings, really the winner should be obvious here!

Best Animated Short Film: Piper

This is the one award I actually called correctly. The moment I saw Piper, I just knew they had a winner on their hands.

Best Director: Damien Chazelle for La La Land

and before I get to the Best Picture, I have to give a quick shoutout to Suicide Squad for picking up an Oscar for Best Makeup and Hairstyling. I don’t think anybody (myself included) expected this film to win an Oscar, but well done!!

And the Best Picture of 2016 is….Moonlight!!! Or was it La La Land? Well….

I have a confession: I actually went to bed before the end of the show so I didn’t actually see this as it happened (I read all about it this morning). It’s hard to believe that in 89 years this hasn’t happened more often. I know people are criticizing the accounting firm for somehow messing all of this up, but seriously, they’re only human. A mistake like this was bound to happen sooner or later. In case you missed it (like me), what happened is, the final presenters of the night mistakenly announced La La Land as the winner of Best Picture (when they’d actually been given an envelope for Best Actress). The error wasn’t picked up on until several acceptance speeches had been given and then Justin Horowitz, producer for La La Land, took it upon himself to publicly correct the wrong, announcing to a shocked audience that Moonlight had actually taken the Oscar. I have to say, Horowitz handled this with an incredible amount of grace and class. I can only imagine the heartbreak he and the others must have felt when they realized they hadn’t actually won Best Picture at all. Moonlight is an incredible film, so this win for Best Picture is well deserved.

And those are my thoughts on this years Oscars! If you watched, did you enjoy the show? What do you think of the Best Picture flub? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. I’m so happy to report that I’m feeling much better so my blogging should be back to normal(ish) for now 🙂 Have a good rest of the day! -Becky



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