Announcing the 2nd Annual Remembering James Horner Blogathon

The 2nd Annual Remembering James Horner Blogathon

The time has come once again to honor the memory of the late James Horner, a genius of the film music world who is still sorely missed. Many of you joined me last year for my first ever blogathon and I hope you can join me once again for the 2nd Annual Remembering James Horner Blogathon, which will be held June 23rd-June 25th later this summer.

As with last year, this blogathon will focus on any film that features the work of James Horner. To give you an idea of what this looks like, here are links to the recaps of last year’s blogathon:

Remembering James Horner Blogathon: Day One Recap

Remembering James Horner Blogathon: Day Two Recap

Remembering James Horner Blogathon: Day Three Recap

I am only allowing two entries per film, so if someone wants to write about Titanic, then only two people can use that topic. The sign-up is located here below, I hope everyone can join me in June to honor the memory of James Horner.

Feel free to copy and paste the banner up top to spread the word 🙂


69 thoughts on “Announcing the 2nd Annual Remembering James Horner Blogathon

  1. Renate

    Oh I remember this, so fun that you’re bringing it back again, you go Becky! I really want to do it but that is usually the worst month at my job, often working 6 days in a week so can I come back to you about it? Is there some deadline when it comes to signing up? 🙂

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  2. movierob

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    Check out this upcoming blogathon being run by Rebecca of Film Music Central celebrating the works of James Horner! Hope u’ll be joining just like me!

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