Cancelled Too Soon #8: Dr. Vegas (2004)


I could be wrong, but I believe Dr. Vegas is the first time I took exception to a TV show being cancelled after a few episodes because I really liked it. The extremely short-lived series followed Dr. Billy Grant (Rob Lowe) as he went about his days treating patients in the crazy world of Las Vegas (one heart-pounding episode involved him rescuing a little girl who’d fallen into a pool). I think there was also a side-plot about the doctor dealing with his personal demons as well, or an on-again/off-again girlfriend (or possibly both).

I really liked this series, at least I liked where it was going. But unfortunately, only five episodes were ever aired. One week it was there, the next it was gone. I can only assume the show wasn’t making enough ratings to justify continuing its existence.

It really frustrates me when a show is cancelled after only a few episodes. There was barely any time for character development or to give us a real chance to see where the series was going. But these days studios demand instant success from its television shows (classics like MASH and Star Trek would’ve never made it past episode 1 if they premiered today), and I guess Dr. Vegas just didn’t cut it. What a shame.

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