Who is Rey’s family? My thoughts

It’s a question we’ve been asking since the premiere of The Force Awakens: who is Rey’s missing family? Is she a Skywalker? A Solo? Or is she…a Kenobi??? Daisy Ridley has claimed the answer is obvious (to her), and we will get a definitive answer when The Last Jedi premieres this December. But until then, I want to share my thoughts on the subject, as some evidence as come to light that (I believe) clarifies who it could be.

First though, I think it is clear that Rey is NOT a Solo. Leia and Han went through a lot, but I’m pretty sure they would recognize their own daughter when they saw her. There is nothing to suggest that Kylo has a sibling (surely he would’ve sensed the kinship when he probed her mind).

And….I’m pretty sure Rey isn’t a Skywalker either, unless she had her mind totally wiped of her memories. Otherwise, why would she think Luke Skywalker was a myth if he was her father? It doesn’t really add up does it?

Now, I never though I would say this but..I actually think that Rey is a Kenobi. And before you let me have it, allow me to present my evidence. For this evidence, you must go all the way back to the Clone Wars animated series (not the 2002-2003 one, but the series after that one), season 2 to be exact. In the episode “Voyage of Temptation”, Obi-Wan and Anakin are escorting Duchess Satine of Mandalore to Coruscant. It comes out (from Obi-wan) that when Obi-Wan was still a Padawan, he and Qui-Gon spent nearly a full year protecting Satine from bounty hunters and insurgents who wished her dead. In that time, Obi-wan and Satine became rather…close. So close in fact, that later in the episode, Obi-wan admits that if Satine had asked him, he would have left the Jedi Order for her. But I digress, mid-way through the episode, after hearing of this earlier adventure, Anakin turns to Obi-wan and begins to ask if their relationship ever got…physical. Obi-wan begins to splutter, which is to be expected…except he then evades answering the question. He doesn’t say “No of course we didn’t!” As inappropriate as Anakin’s question is, why wouldn’t Obi-wan deny it if nothing happened? Well, I think it’s because something DID happen.

Here’s how I think the connection to Rey works: Obi-wan and Satine slept together, which created a child. Knowing Obi-wan’s devotion to the Jedi Order, Satine never told him of this child’s existence (in fact she may have even given the child up for adoption to another Mandalorian family to avoid the scandal of the Duchess of Mandalore having a child by a Jedi). This child, male or female I don’t know, is one of the parents of Rey.

Is the theory tenuous at best? Yes, yes it is, I don’t deny it. But…it would be a way to make Rey a Kenobi without introducing completely new characters into the mix (and everything in the Clone Wars series is considered canon).

But why else could Rey be a Kenobi? For starters, she does seem unusually gifted with the Jedi mind trick, especially since she’s never seen one done before (not that we know of anyway). Mind tricks were one of Obi-wan’s specialties. There’s also her Force vision when she touches Anakin’s lightsaber: it is noticeably Obi-wan who speaks to her, calling her by name no less. As I read elsewhere, why would Obi-wan be taking such a special interest in Rey, unless they’re related?

One last point: a theory quickly gaining ground is the idea that the Star Wars saga is symmetrical, like poetry. I can think of no better symmetry than if Luke ends up training the grandchild of Obi-wan Kenobi, in much the same way that Obi-wan trained Anakin all those years ago.

These are my thoughts on who Rey is related to, and I’m very curious to know what you think about it. Do you agree? Disagree? Who do you think Rey’s family will turn out to be? Less than eight months until we find out!

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3 thoughts on “Who is Rey’s family? My thoughts

      1. Martin: Through the Silver Screen

        Yeah I’m seriously beginning to regret placing that bet now. My initial thought process was that she’s the main character of the new trilogy and the Skywalkers have always been the central characters, but the Kenobi argument makes more and more sense the more I think about it.

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