Anticipating Alien: Covenant

So unless something catastrophic happens, I will be going to see Alien: Covenant sometime Saturday evening. And…while I am excited, part of me is wondering if this is a wise decision on my part. I mean sure, I saw Prometheus in a theater setting (put on by my university), but I’ve never actually gone to see any Alien movie in a regular theater (to be fair, I wasn’t even born when the first two came out) and I’m not quite sure how I’m going to react.

There are some big questions I want answered though, the first and foremost being: what happened to Shaw?? The last we saw in the little “mini-movie” set between Prometheus and this film, David had put Shaw into stasis and was piloting the ship to land on the Engineer planet. So….did something happen while she was in stasis or does something happen shortly after landing or what? I just can’t believe that after everything Shaw did to put David back together that the latter would kill her.

Another question: how will this bring us closer to the events of the original Alien?

And probably the most important question to me: does ANYONE make it out of this film alive?? I’m betting we’ll either have the lone survivor or maybe a scenario where everyone dies, because that’s usually what happens in an Alien film.

So until Saturday I will continue to avoid Alien: Covenant spoilers and hopefully I will not be disappointed 🙂

One more note, next week, from Wednesday until the following Monday, I will be away on a conference trip and will not be able to blog (I’ll make a further announcement right before I leave).

Sorry this is so short, this weekend was crazy: but tomorrow I will be back with a truly messed up installment of Disturbing Disney 🙂 Until then!

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One thought on “Anticipating Alien: Covenant

  1. Docthewho

    I saw it last saturday after being super pumped for it after Prometheus, you’re in for a ride and I’ll say no more. I’m curious to see what you end up thinking of it :D.



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