Trailer for Victoria and Abdul (2017)


There are some films that I will just go see automatically no matter what the critics say: Star Wars, James Bond, the latest Marvel flick, and so on. Slightly lower on this list of “must-sees” is any drama that involves Britain’s Royal Family. I must admit I’ve been fascinated by stories involving the kings and queens of England for years (I enjoyed The King’s Speech very much), and when I saw articles on a movie called Victoria and Abdul, I was intrigued.

Victoria and Abdul (2017) Official Trailer

Until Queen Elizabeth II passed her in 2015, Queen Victoria was the longest reigning monarch in Britain’s history. She spent a large portion of that reign in widowhood, as her husband Prince Albert passed away in 1861 (she survived him by 40 years). During the last few years of her reign, she struck up a friendship with an Indian servant named Abdul Karim, to the consternation of her family and the royal court. Victoria and Abdul tells the story of this friendship, and with the legendary Dame Judi Dench playing the role of Victoria, the film looks to be a definite “must-see.”

One of my favorite lines in the trailer involves the Queen learning about mangoes. Upon learning that they are a delicious fruit, the Queen goes to her butler (I presume) and requests one. When she is told that they only grow in India, the Queen promptly quips back “Well I am Empress of India. So have one sent!” The follow up scene at the end of the trailer shows a mango being presented, only for Abdul to apologetically inform the Queen that the mango is “off” (i.e. rotten)

Victoria and Abdul premieres this September, and it is firmly on my list of films to see this fall.

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One thought on “Trailer for Victoria and Abdul (2017)

  1. abdul Rahuman

    What an amazing movie, Judi is as usual, such a wonderful actress portraying Queen Victoria once again. The story line is fantastic and it flows beautifully. This would have to be the best film for me this year. I love how they made this film so funny, and yet so touching. I laughed and I cried all the way through.



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