RIP Peter Sallis (1921-2017)


Yesterday I was saddened and dismayed to learn of the passing of Peter Sallis, the original voice of Wallace from Wallace and Gromit. Aside from this show, Sallis was also known for playing Norman “Cleggy” Clegg on Last of the Summer Wine from the show’s inception in 1973 all the way to the finale in 2010. I loved to watch Wallace and Gromit growing up, my favorite short film remains The Wrong Trousers (1993)

The biggest reason I loved the series (besides the humor) is that it is filmed with stop-motion animation, which is one of my favorite animating techniques. It was cute, lovable and I couldn’t help but smile whenever I saw the show.

Though I haven’t watched in a very long time, Wallace and Gromit will always have a special place in my childhood memories, and I am sad that Peter Sallis is no longer here with us. Rest in peace.

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