I peeked at the plot of The Mummy…WTF??

*warning: I’m spoiling the ending of The Mummy*

As you may recall, some months ago I saw the first trailer for The Mummy and predicted then that this film would NOT do well. Oh boy was I proven right and THEN some. I almost talked myself into going to see the film this weekend, JUST IN CASE I happened to be wrong, but then the early reviews came out and when I saw they were universally bad, I changed my mind, especially after reading the full plot summary.

My reaction to said plot summary? What.The.FRACK?? Of ALL the ways I thought the film would end, the actual ending is NOT what I had in mind. To be fair, I guessed that something not good would be happening to Tom Cruise’s character, but I had always assumed that this would be his character (permanently) dying or having his body taken over by Ahmanet. Well, I was actually closer to the truth than I thought. He DID die (temporarily), and his body WAS taken over, but not by Ahmanet. Instead, Nick Morton commits suicide and is taken over by Set the Egyptian god of Chaos. But somehow (because it’s a shared universe is the likely reason), Nick is able to regain control over his body (even though he died??) and the film ends with him riding off into the desert, sidekick by his side, now in possession of the full powers of an ancient Egyptian god, with the big question being, is he on the side of good or evil? And where is Ahmanet? Oh, she’s dead, Nick killed her with Set’s powers.

Are you freaking KIDDING me?? THAT’S how the film ends?? If you were just going to kill her off, what was the POINT of including Ahmanet at all?? Why not just make Nick the reincarnation of an Egyptian prince or something (I know that would be whitewashing in the extreme but has that stopped Hollywood before??) And why is there even a question about whether Nick is now good or evil? He’s the living embodiment of Chaos now, that can’t POSSIBLY be a good thing in the long run, if there is a long run that is.

I know The Mummy is supposed to *officially* kick off the “Dark Universe” (I HATE that name) since Dracula Untold was disowned by the studio, but so far its reputation is so bad that I can’t see where any other films in this supposed universe ever get made.

I haven’t seen this film, I will NOT see this film and I beg none of you to waste your time or precious money by seeing this travesty either. Hopefully Universal learns a valuable lesson and lets the Dark Universe die a painful (but quick) death (and as long as I’m dreaming, I’d like a million dollars).

If you do go to see The Mummy, I’d love to know what you think about it, especially if it’s as bad (or worse) as the critics say it is. Have a good weekend!!

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9 thoughts on “I peeked at the plot of The Mummy…WTF??

  1. Plain, Simple Tom

    I did see it (Limitless card, so I didn’t pay!) and I didn’t hate it. Unsurprisingly it’s no good – it’s dull, predictable, not a lot actually happens and it’s main purpose is to set up the Dark Universe. In short, a crazy handful of nothing.
    As for the end, he did get possessed by Set but (sigh) his love for Annabelle Wallis brought out the good in him., in conflict with the bad. So he went off wandering with Dr. Jekyll pondering what will become of him.

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      1. Plain, Simple Tom

        Well he didn’t really show any powers besides the “soul suck” and perhaps increased strength. Other than that he just lurked in the shadows, saying his goodbyes but apparently showing no new powers that we know of. Plus he seemed to retain his original personality.

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