First look at Ready Player One (2018)


You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to talk about this. Ever since I burned through the book on my way to Vancouver (and found out the film adaptation was happening), I have been DYING to get a glimpse of this film. Finally, at San Diego Comic Con this past weekend, our wish was granted with a brief preview.

Ready Player One Trailer (2018)

My thoughts? They’ve NAILED it.

To be fair, we haven’t seen THAT much yet, but if you’ve read the book you have a good idea of what to expect: the stacks of trailers, the sensor equipment for the OASIS, not to mention the villainous IOI organization. And how about all of those pop culture references? I thought I’d caught them all but I missed a pretty big one. Remember that big race scene? Well, I was right in thinking that was Art3mis on the cool motorcycle, but look closely, that’s Kaneda’s iconic ride from Akira (1988). Also, if you’ve read the books, you’ll know why that last shot of the key is so exciting.

I can’t wait to see even more about this film, I can’t believe I have to wait until NEXT YEAR to see it!! I swear, if this film somehow turns out to be a dud I will be heartbroken!

What are your thoughts on this look into Ready Player One? Are you excited too? Let me know in the comments below! I was going to share my thoughts on the music from the Season 6 Game of Thrones finale (“Light of the Seven”) but sadly the technology ate my draft so it’ll have to wait for another day.

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2 thoughts on “First look at Ready Player One (2018)

  1. Mr. Bobinsky

    Steven Spielberg? His first science fiction movie in 13 years? Iron Giant? Lara Croft and Mad Max’s Interceptors? DeLorean and Akira’s bike? Duke Nukem and Freddy Krueger in one frame?
    I almost had a heart attack.


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