RIP Haruo Nakajima (1929-2017)

If you’ve seen any of the first 12 Godzilla films, then you saw Haruo Nakajima without ever seeing his face. Nakajima was the man inside the suit and brought Godzilla to life. He also portrayed Rodan, Moguera, Varan, Mothra in larval form, Baragon, King Kong and Gaira. Many considered him to be the best suit actor in the history of the Godzilla franchise. He also had a small part in Seven Samurai and Yojimbo, among other films.

Nakajima displayed an amazing talent for bringing the kaiju to life, these are performances that will be remembered for all time. I haven’t seen many of the Godzilla films outside of the original, but I remember being spellbound while watching the king of monsters go on the rampage. Even though I KNEW it was a man in a rubber suit, it still felt so real.

Rest in peace, Godzilla won’t feel quite the same without you.


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