Thoughts on Game of Thrones: an epiphany!

I’m literally vibrating with excitement right now, I realized something today that I should have noticed ages ago, and maybe I’m the last one to make the connection, but I want to talk about it anyway.

So one of the big questions of the series has been who will be the “three heads of the dragon?” This is based on a line that says “The dragon must have three heads” and implies that Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion must have separate riders. Dany was obviously one from the start ever since her dragons were born. Now that Jon’s Targaryen heritage is known (to the audience at least), he’s sure to be the second one, but who is the third? A leading theory implies Tyrion (based on the idea that Aerys, Dany’s father, had his way with Tywin’s wife). But I’m wondering now if the answer hasn’t been under our noses this entire time. What about Gendry?

Yes, I said Gendry. I made the connection about an hour ago as I was reading through the trivia for “Eastwatch.” In it, the authors made mention of the fact that Gendry is actually a cousin to Dany and Jon via his Targaryen ancestor. Considering Robert Baratheon died all the way back in season one, it completely slipped my mind that Robert was part Targaryen, in fact he was a second cousin to Rhaegar due to the fact that his grandmother was Princess Rhaelle Targaryen (a daughter to Aegon V). Being part Targaryen is part of what gave Robert the throne after the Rebellion was over (besides the fact that he killed Rhaegar and Aerys had been killed by Jaime Lannister), since he was related by blood to the royal family, he already had some (distant) claim to the Iron Throne.

The point is, Gendry is part-Targaryen, distantly to be sure, but maybe it’s enough. And keeping this in mind, doesn’t it seem striking that we have THREE known Targaryen relatives (Dany, Jon and Gendry) now? Maybe I’m stretching a bit too far, but at least we know for sure that Gendry is related, Tyrion is only pure conjecture at this point.

That’s my little epiphany, not sure if it’ll bear out, but it seems promising. What do you think? Could Gendry be the third head of the dragon?

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3 thoughts on “Thoughts on Game of Thrones: an epiphany!

  1. Kelly Konda

    We’re all wrong. The third head will be Bronn. Nobody will see it coming. Why him? I dunno. First name that came to mind.

    In truth, your Gendry theory seems about as valid as the Tyrion theories. Until reading your post I didn’t even know that Robert was part-Targaryen, or if I did I forgot about it. But wouldn’t it be super disappointing for a character we haven’t seen for three+seasons to just traipse back into the show and become so remarkably important over night?

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    1. Film Music Central Post author

      I suppose it could be viewed that way, but on the other hand I can’t otherwise justify why he’s still here (besides being the sole survivor of House Baratheon). Someone pointed out a possible hint on Twitter. Gendry’s been blacksmithing for years right? He hasn’t got any burns on him (like someone else we know). If he IS that important, it probably wont come out until season 8. Then again, lol, like you said, we could all be wrong and it could be someone else entirely. 🙂


      1. Kelly Konda

        The writer of the episode told EW that part of the reason they brought him back was because he’s full circle character, the type of character you bring back as a reminder of where this all started, i.e., Robert’s Rebellion. So, there’s a certain symmetry to Robert’s bastard and Ned’s bastard (er, his sister’s son, but no one knows that yet) riding into battle together here at the end. I am suspicious of it, though, because it’s just so sudden. This guy we haven’t seen in so long (long enough that I’d forgotten about him) comes back and instantly joins in an incredibly important mission to turn the tide of the war. And Cersei really didn’t know about him even though through Qyburn she now has all of Varys’ old little birds and claims to know about everything that goes on in her city? I could be way off, though, because in the short term they will need a blacksmith to make those dragonglass weapons, and now they have one, albeit one who looks about as weathered as Christian Bale in Terminator: Salvation.

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