Film Music Central is on Patreon!

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Official Film Music Central Patreon

Hey everyone! I hope you are having an amazing day. Since there have been a lot of new followers as of late I thought I would share the details of Film Music Central’s Patreon page.

I actually started the Patreon page two years ago, but I’ve only been using it full time for about six months. Patreon is a platform that lets you directly contribute to a content creator (blogger, vlogger, etc.) whose work you like. In the case of Film Music Central, my Patreon operates to fund trips to the movie theater so I can afford to watch and review the newest films as they are released. Later this will expand to covering the expenses of paying for the website domain and later upgrading the site and possibly expanding into other media (video game reviews, book reviews) but that’s in the future for now.

There are three tiers of subscription: Film Friend, Film Lover and Film Maniac.

-Film Friend is the first tier and it’s $2/month. At this tier you receive access to all “patron-only” posts which consist of my reviews of movie trailers, recaps of what I’ve viewed in a given month, etc.

-Film Lover is the second tier and is $5/month. At this tier you have access to all “patron-only” posts as well as the ability to commission a blog article that covers a film or film soundtrack of your choice within reason. You’ll also get a shoutout on the Patreon page 🙂

-Film Maniac is the third and currently highest tier and is $10/month. At this tier you receive all of the above as well as the ability to commission a full-length (10-15 minute) YouTube video where I discuss a film, film soundtrack or film related topic of your choice.

For those who subscribe and become “patrons” of the blog, know that you can cancel at any time, there’s no binding commitment for a year or anything like that.

Any support that can be given means the world to me (please don’t feel like you HAVE to, there’s no obligation) and makes it that much easier to bring you the best film and soundtrack reviews possible.

To check out the page for yourself, click on the link at the top of the article. Thank you again for all the support you’ve given in the last 2 1/2 years and have a great day 🙂

You can become a patron of the blog at

Check out the YouTube channel (and consider hitting the subscribe button)

Don’t forget to like Film Music Central on Facebook 🙂


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