Game of Thrones S8 E5: The Bells

*warning, there are some spoilers in this review, I’m trying very hard to avoid specifics but…if you’ve seen the episode you know why that might be hard to do

Holy sh*t.

I repeat, holy sh*t!

The events of last night’s episode “The Bells” has been teased for a while now and oh my god did the show deliver! This episode mostly centered on the Battle of King’s Landing and from the moment the fight started, my attention was held rapt to the screen. I’d been hoping that Daenerys wouldn’t go down this particular road, as I’ve been in extreme denial about her capacity to go mad like her father and brother Viserys before her. However, Daenerys has been bending and bending and BENDING for so long to accommodate what others want her to do, it was only a matter of time before she broke and unleashed dragonfire like no one has ever seen before.

And speaking of delivering…we finally got THAT fight. You know, the one that’s been teased and theorized for quite a while now? Pardon the spoiler, but I need to spell it out: Cleganebowl is real and it is INTENSE! I was never quite sure how this fight was going to play out, but I love how we got it. Intercutting the fight with other battle scenes was a wonderful touch. I think they changed the Mountain’s undead makeup for this fight too. There’s a glimpse of his undead feature in “The Winds of Winter” and it looks nothing like what we saw in this episode.  Despite that, I’m happy with how this fight concluded.


I also have to say I feel terrible for Tyrion. He is trying so hard to do the right thing for a queen he genuinely believes in. But throughout the episode, we see more and more hints that his faith in his queen is being shaken to his very core. Tyrion tried so, so hard, to prevent what happened from happening. And I think my favorite part of the episode is this one moment where Daenerys can choose what happens next. The choice is hers and hers alone. And once she chooses…oh boy.

Now I also need to say that this episode was not perfect. Certain characters met their end in a way that did not satisfy me at all. I’m thinking of two characters in particular. I figured out years ago that both were going to die, but the way the show presented their deaths was far too peaceful and serene for everything they’ve done. Let’s just say I wanted one of the characters to really suffer as they died. I wanted their death to be brutal, painful, and I wanted a much more emotional breakdown than what I got. That being said, considering the show leaves out some critical plot details from the books, this is probably the best scenario I could hope for. I’m all but certain these two characters have a different death scene in the books. I also feel like the Golden Company was kind of wasted, though I know they play a bigger role in the books, so that doesn’t bother me as much.


“The Bells” has me thoroughly excited for the finale of Game of Thrones. I have an in-depth theory up on my Patreon page about how I think the end is going to play out regarding who sits on the Iron Throne once and for all. Even if I’m wrong, I think there’s still a few insane things left to happen before the screen goes black for the last time. I know this season hasn’t quite met everyone’s expectations, but to be fair, we set the bar so freaking high I don’t think it could have ever pleased everyone. For me personally, I’m excited to see how the story ends.

What did you think of “The Bells”? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and have a great day!

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5 thoughts on “Game of Thrones S8 E5: The Bells

  1. uniqueparticle

    Excellent review very well detailed! I agree with a lot of it especially about Daenerys & the deaths definitely looking forward to the finale. I also don’t understand the hate this season has received the crew has put a lot of effort to make it all happen and should be more appreciated.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Film Music Central Post author

      Thanks, I’m glad you liked it! I understand some of the hate, once expectations are pushed so high it’s easy to be disappointed. Plus it’s hard to reconcile what we want to happen with what actually happens. But yea for the most part I’ve loved this season. It was so hard to write this review though lol, there’s so much I want to say but I can’t because of spoilers

      Liked by 1 person

  2. James Patrick Philip Confrey

    Good review, I just love Game of thrones, and s.8 is just so epic, a shame it soon all is over.
    Think mabey Sansa will sit on the iron throne, let`s see, can`t wait.

    Liked by 1 person

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