My Thoughts on: Dodgeball-A True Underdog Story (2004)

*note: this review was requested by Patreon subscriber @reaperofdarkn3s

At the start I would like to say that I did my absolute best to watch this movie with an open mind. Movies like Dodgeball aren’t normally my cup of tea, but since it was requested I watch this movie, I did my best to give it a fair shake.

With all due respect…I do not like this film. At all.

The premise itself is not objectionable: likable Peter (Vince Vaughn) sets out to save his failing gym by competing in a dodgeball tournament with enough prize money to settle his debts. Competing against him is White Goodman (Ben Stiller), the obnoxious, sexist, disgustingly misogynist owner of Globo Gym.

Goodman feels suspiciously similar to Tony Perkis, Stiller’s character in Heavyweights (1995), except Perkis was a lot more fun to watch. White Goodman is just…disgusting, and for me not funny in the slightest. To be completely honest, he’s the type of character I would be perfectly happy to punch in the nose for being an obnoxious jerk. Honestly, this character completely turned me off from the film, any time he appeared I was like “ugh, him again…”

The other biggest problem I have with the film is, Dodgeball‘s style of humor doesn’t appeal to me. Maybe I’m overly picky or thinking about it too hard, but I just don’t find any of it funny. And the “sexy female” parts turned me off even more.

I really did try to watch Dodgeball with an open mind, I really did. But there’s no getting around the fact that this just isn’t the kind of film I like.

Let me know what you think about Dodgeball in the comments below and have a great day!

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6 thoughts on “My Thoughts on: Dodgeball-A True Underdog Story (2004)

  1. The Iron Lotus

    I found Ben Stiller’s character the only funny thing about this obnoxious movie. I did not find Vince Vaughn’s character likeable – he was supposed to be, I guess, but for me he was a sexist, homophobic jerk, and no better than the antagonist. At least Ben Stiller’s character was a huge exaggeration of the protagonist’s traits and worked as a satire of the type of world he embodies.

    All in all the movie is violently misogynistic with constant ridicule of women, half an hour in it’s fat-shamed teenage girls, objectified a horde of women, shown femaleness as something weaker than maleness (men are pathetic because they lose to girls), introduced a female character whose only point is to be a sexualized love interest whose career choice is seen as ridiculous, and stereotyped an Asian ”mail-order” bride. Not to mention engaged in homophobic jokes.

    Right before Dodgeball I watched Blades of Glory and laughed all the way through. Sure, it has a couple of non-PC jokes, but it’s a far superior comedy because it ridicules the protagonists more than any other character, and pokes a lot of fun at masculinity in a way neither sexist BS like Dodgeball or anti-male propaganda like Blockers ever could.

    If you still feel up for trying a sports satire/sports movie parody, go for Blades of Glory instead of the dumpster fire that is Dodgeball.


  2. Molly

    God. I hated this movie. I hated especially the instances where “queer” or “lesbian” were used as derogatory terms. The part that I found most troublesome was when the main woman, the blonde (I forgot her name) greeted her girlfriend with a kiss at the end of the movie. She then said “I’m not lesbian, I’m bisexual” and walked over to give a kiss to the leading man. As a bi girl with many LGBTQIA+ friends , I found this horrendous and utterly homophobic. This just adds to the stereotype that bisexual people are cheaters and can’t date only one gender at a time. I usually enjoy movies like these, but I hated Dodgeball.



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