I’m on Twitch!!

Hey everyone, so I wanted to share some exciting developments with you. The past couple of months, I have been working on “finding myself”, that is, changing parts of my life that are more reflective of me as a person, rather than what other people want to see. And over this past weekend, I decided that included starting a channel on Twitch.

(Twitch is a streaming service where you livestream yourself playing video games, be it Halo, League of Legends,  Minecraft, World of Warcraft, anything!)

I’ve chosen Hearthstone as my game of choice, as it is a card-based game, was free to download and is pretty addictive, and I have plenty of fun playing it.

I’m sharing all of this because I’m inviting you, my readers, to come check out my channel. I’m signed up on Twitch as musicgamer460 (referencing my connection to music and video games) and below there is a direct link to my channel page

musicgamer460 Twitch channel

Right now I’m planning on streaming 4 nights a week on this schedule:

Monday/Wednesday/Friday: 7pm-10pm EST

Saturday: 7pm-10pm EST

This is a tentative schedule for now, as I’m balancing my day job, dissertation work, and other social obligations, so these hours could change in the future. But if you’re free during these hours, feel free to drop by and hang out while I navigate my way through Hearthstone 🙂

See you around! -Becky

Episode list:

Exploring Hearthstone: Episode 1

Exploring Hearthstone: Episode 2

Exploring Hearthstone: Episode 3

Exploring Hearthstone: Episode 4