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Star Wars: The Last Jedi Teaser #1 !!!!!!!!!!


Behold the epic teaser poster!!!

After months and MONTHS of speculation and wondering, the prayers of Star Wars fans the world over have FINALLY been answered, the first teaser for Star Wars: The Last Jedi is FINALLY here!!!!

If you have not seen it, take a moment and watch it here before going on to my thoughts:

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Teaser #1

Now then…*deep breaths* Oh  my god, oh my god, OH MY FREAKING GOD that was a lot they put in there!!!!

Let’s start with breaking down the different things we see:

  • Rey is in the midst of training on the island we last saw her on at the conclusion of The Force Awakens. Luke (in voice-over) seems to be coaching Rey into meditating through the Force, to see what she can see. Rey responds that she can see “The light” and we see a back shot of General Leia (with faint overtones of her immortal line “Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi”), “the dark” and we see Kylo Ren’s now shattered face helmet, and most interestingly of all, she can see “the balance” and we get a shot of some unfamiliar dark space with something illuminated on the far side, and then a close shot of what I think is a symbol of the Jedi. And Luke’s voice answers “It’s so much more than that”
  • We see Finn still in a coma, so I’m guessing that this is where he is when the film opens (makes sense).
  • Theory: if the base does come under attack and Finn is still in a coma, is Poe going to rescue him, thus furthering the Poe/Finn story? Hmmmmmmm.
  • Poe and BB-8 are fleeing a place that is under attack. Not sure if this is the base from The Force Awakens being attacked or someplace else.
  • The shot that grabbed my attention the most comes towards the end. We see a shot of a building in flames, with Luke speaking that the only truth he knows is that it is time for the Jedi to come to an end (Oh I can’t wait to see the context of THAT line). I watched the shot five separate times, and I think I know what this is, or at least what it is part of. Look at the extreme foreground of the shot, and you will see a hooded figure slumping next to what is surely R2-D2. If that looks at ALL familiar, it’s because we’ve seen those two already: that’s Luke and R2 from the beginning of Rey’s Force vision when she grabs Anakin’s lightsaber. I believe that this is another vision/flashback that shows the Knights of Ren (seen marching through the flames) destroying Luke’s Jedi temple/school, with Kylo at their head (I’m thinking the shot of Kylo, saber drawn with the flames behind him comes from this scene, but it might not either). If I’m right, it will be interesting to see more of what led to Luke’s school being destroyed.
  • There’s also a shot of Rey running in a dark/twilight place, lightsaber drawn, might be a different planet entirely, the island doesn’t have that much flat space.
  • And there’s a strange shot of a line of fighters, new ones, zooming across a desert plain towards AT-AT walkers in the distance, trailing pink/red smoke for some reason, I guess as some kind of smoke cover?

As a teaser, this one works great by giving us a look at a LOT of things, but also keeping out the finer details, to keep us hungering for more. I can’t wait to see more as the summer begins, and until the next trailer arrives, I will happily pore over this teaser piece by piece, gleaning what I can.

One last note to speak about the music: of course it’s the excellent music from John Williams, but by and large I don’t think anything new has been introduced yet. It was a retread of themes we heard in The Force Awakens: Rey’s theme is interwoven with The Force/Luke’s theme, there’s a brief mention of the First Order’s theme and the latter half of the trailer has the dramatic musical build up that is almost an identical match to the music heard in one of the last trailers for The Force Awakens.

What do YOU think of the first teaser for The Last Jedi? I’m so excited to FINALLY be getting a look at this film, so please let me know what you think in the comments below.

Only 8 months and one day until The Last Jedi is released in theaters!!!

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Reaction to final Logan (2017) trailer

This week saw the debut of the final trailer for the upcoming film Logan (2017), the final outing of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and the last time we’ll see Patrick Stewart play Professor X (both have played their respective roles since X-Men (2000)).

Final Trailer for Logan (2017): contains violence and swearing

*deep breath* HOLY SH**!!!!!!! Insert any other bleep you’d like, and that about sums up my reaction to this trailer.

I’m so excited to see X-23 brought to life on the big screen. I first became aware of her about two years ago when she showed up in a Black Widow comic (set not long after Wolverine’s “death” in the Marvel Universe). And right now I have to say that the shot of her claws slowly extending as she stalks forward is one of my favorite images. She’s little, but she is NOT to be trifled with.

I’m really looking forward to the relationship that will build between X-23 and Logan, because according to the trailer, Logan doesn’t seem too keen to help (at first anyways). I know a lot of people are speculating that Wolverine is going to die by the end, and I have to say, they might be right. I feel a little torn on this: on the one hand, having Wolverine die would provide a conclusive end to his character’s arc (and it’s not like he’s coming back for another sequel), but at the same time…I don’t WANT to see him die. I know he’s just a fictional character, but of all the X-Men, Wolverine is particularly “real” to me. I’m not sure why, I just identify with him the most, so I know if he does die, watching it happen will be painful for me. I would actually love it if the film ended with Logan and X-23 driving off into the sunset (and I’m perfectly okay if they make a later film with a teenage or a fully grown X-23, because let’s face it, that would be awesome).

Logan premieres on March 3rd, so we don’t have that much longer to wait.

One last note: I love how Logan pulls the girl back from attacking the clerk and he’s like “Not okay!!!” I loved that.

Okay, I mentioned this yesterday and I’ll say it one more time in case anyone missed it: tomorrow I’m leaving on a trip and I won’t be back until the 28th. And when I say I’m on a trip, I mean I will be completely away, no internet access or nothing, so I won’t be able to check my email, respond to comments or anything. I just wanted to make sure everyone knew. Have a good weekend, and have a great week next week 🙂 -Becky

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Thinking about the trailer for Alien: Covenant (2017)



After waiting what feels like an eternity, the full trailer for Alien: Covenant finally dropped and holy #*#&# did it deliver! I honestly have no idea how any of what we saw will tie in to Prometheus while simultaneously setting us up for the original Alien, but I do know one thing: Alien: Covenant is getting back to the roots of the story.

Alien: Covenant Trailer

Think about it: this all started with the crew of a spaceship being stalked by the menacing Alien xenomorph, and it looks like we’re going back to that scenario once again. And I think this is a good thing!! Half the thrill of any Alien film is wondering when/where that terrifying creature is going to appear, and unless the trailer is leaving some significant details out, this is going to happen once again.

Did anyone else notice in the “chestburster” scene imminently happening while the other crewmember was trapped inside, that the Alien seemed to be bursting out of his back?? Maybe I had the angle wrong, but it didn’t look like the typical Alien birth (it figures they would try to switch things up).

I’m willing to bet the shower scene with the Alien (at the end of the trailer) is going to be the most terrifying moment of the film. It also reminded me of something I heard regarding the original Alien film: that Ridley Scott had wanted to include more…sexual moments with the Alien, or at the very least, moments that could be interpreted as sexual, but they either didn’t work or were disturbing for all the wrong reasons, so they were cut. I couldn’t help but notice the Alien’s tail curling up the woman’s leg and I wonder if this is Ridley Scott trying once more to include moments he’d wanted to do in the original film.

And is anyone else convinced that everyone is going to die in one way or another? Because I’m pretty sure they’re all going to die, this is a xenomorph we’re talking about after all.

This is one film I can’t wait to see next year! Are you looking forward to Alien: Covenant? Let me know in the comments! I hope everyone had a great Christmas (or a great holiday in general), now that I’m back in town I will be working to get the blog back on schedule. I can’t believe that 2016 is nearly over, but I’m looking forward to the new year. Have a great day! -Becky

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My thoughts on that ‘Mummy’ trailer….

Warning: this is a rant. That is all.

*deep breaths* I’ve made it clear before how I feel about remakes and reboots. And when I heard that they were rebooting the Mummy films, I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. The Mummy (1999) isn’t even 20 years old and already they’re remaking it? That was bad enough, but then it got worse…

First they announced that this would be part of a Universal Monsters Cinematic Universe (i wish I was kidding about this), with Dracula Untold being the first film in that series (I could’ve sworn that film bombed at the box office, but what do I know?)

THEN they announced Tom Cruise would be the lead in this film, and after that I didn’t hear much because I got overwhelmed with dissertation work. The next thing I knew about this film was when the trailer dropped earlier this week and oh brother….

The Mummy (2017) trailer

What.the.HECK.was THAT? I mean, seriously???? The 1999 film is far and away the superior film and I’ve only seen the trailer of this new one!

First of all, where’s Imhotep?? Ever since the first Mummy film came out in the 1930s, the series has revolved around the cursed priest Imhotep and his search for Anck-su-namun, his ill-fated love. The original films followed that story, the 1999 film (and the 2001 sequel) followed that story, if you’re going to do The Mummy, THAT’S the story!!! Instead, however, we have this female priestess/princess (not really sure which) who (no offense) doesn’t even LOOK Egyptian!

And what’s up with the location of this story? Part of what made the Brendan Fraser films (the first two anyways) so awesome was their Egyptian locations (and I loved the flashback shots of ancient Egypt in all its glory). However, unless there’s a sudden change of location that they’re not telling us, this new Mummy film is taking place…in London? Okay, to be fair, The Mummy Returns had one act set in that location, but it quickly returned to Egypt for the duration of the film.

I almost want to go see this film to see just how bad it really is, but it doesn’t come out until June so I have some time to think it over. In the meantime, please go watch The Mummy and The Mummy Returns with Brendan Fraser (skip Tomb of the Dragon Emperor though).

I’m calling it now: The Mummy will BOMB at the box office (I’ll eat my hat if it doesn’t)

Have you seen the trailer for The Mummy? Do you think it will be any good? Let me know!

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The FULL trailer for Beauty and the Beast (2017) is FINALLY here!

It seems like ages have passed since the initial teaser for the live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast was released to the world. For months, all we’ve had to go on is a brief teaser showing various parts of the castle, a hint of the Beast, the voices of Lumiere and Cogsworth and the briefest glimpse of Belle (and the rose!!!)


Now…at last, we have a better idea of what kind of story we’re going to see. The link to the trailer is below, and afterwards I’ll break down some of what I saw 🙂

Beauty and the Beast FULL Trailer

  • We see Maurice (Kevin Kline) plucking a rose shortly before the Beast appears and captures him. This is a nod to the original fairy tale (as Belle’s father is originally captured because he plucked one of the Beast’s roses, not just because he entered the castle)
  • Lumiere (Ewan McGregor), Cogsworth (Ian McKellen), Mrs. Potts (Emma Thompson) and Chip (YES!!!! wasn’t sure if Chip was going to be in this version) all get proper introductions. I must say Mrs. Potts live-action look is going to take some getting used to. Lumiere’s accent doesn’t seem as bad in this trailer, so I’m not as worried about it now.
  • There’s a moment dedicated to Belle being attacked by wolves (with Beast coming in for the save). Seeing this, I can only assume the plot is going to be largely faithful to the animated version of the tale (as opposed to Maleficent, which turned the plot of Sleeping Beauty on its head)
  • Gaston (Luke Evans) shows off his “I say we KILL the Beast!” line, and so far he definitely LOOKS the part, I can’t wait to hear him sing though.
  • To my delight I got a glimpse of the castle library (one of my favorite scenes in the original)!!!
  • Several great shots of the battle between Beast and Gaston (with Belle watching in horror)
  • The Magic Mirror puts in an appearance (Beast’s line “Show me the girl.”)
  • And there’s a lovely piece of dialogue where Beast seems to be instructing Belle on something (I’m guessing it’s how to activate the magic mirror to show you what you want to see)

I can’t wait to see this film (only 4 months and 3 days to go!!) What do you think of the trailer? I still have a divided opinion on live-action remakes, but they definitely seem to be doing justice to Beauty and the Beast! -Becky

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Thoughts on the trailer for Passengers (2016)

Wow, there have been some great science fiction films in the last few years: Interstellar (2014), The Martian (2015), Ex Machina (2015), and Passengers looks set to continue the trend.


Interesting inclusion of the Morse code for SOS (the dot/dot/dot/dash/dash/dash/dot/dot/dot)

The gist of the story is this: several thousand people board a spaceship to travel in stasis to a new planet where they can start a new life. They are programmed to sleep for 120 years, awakening when they arrive at the planet. But for some reason, Aurora (Jennifer Lawrence) and Jim (Chris Pratt), awaken after 30 years and are unable to re-enter stasis. (If I’m interpreting the trailer correctly) they spend the next year living together when something happens. It’s unclear if this is mechanical failure or if there’s aliens involved, but the plot clearly seems to involve taking extreme measures to save the ship (and the lives of everyone else still in stasis).

Passengers (2016) (Full Trailer)

It looks amazing!! I had no idea this film was even in existence, but it is definitely on my radar now. I haven’t seen a lot of Jennifer Lawrence’s work, but I’m a big fan of Chris Pratt (ever since I saw Guardians of the Galaxy). I really hope this film has a happy ending, but we’ll have to wait three months to find out.

Are you looking forward to Passengers? Let me know in the comments below. Don’t forget, The Music of Star Trek Blogathon begins tomorrow!!! -Becky

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Trailers for “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” (2016)


I believe it was yesterday that 20th Century Fox released the second trailer for this film, which is scheduled to be released at the end of September. I haven’t actually read Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, but now that I’ve seen both trailers, I think I will have to check it out.

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children Trailer #1

The film is already a must-see for me for several reasons: it’s being directed by Tim Burton and it stars Eva Green (the star of the just-finished Penny Dreadful), whose work I love very very much. I also like the idea of visiting a world where being “peculiar” people like those seen in the trailers, exist.

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children Trailer #2

There’s so many great films coming out in the next couple of months, I hope I can remember to make time to see this one. Enjoy the trailers! -Bex

*poster image is the property of 20th Century Fox

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