Soundtrack News: Netflix’s ‘Sneakerheads’ Original Soundtrack Available Now

Today Maya Records released Sneakerheads Original Music from the Netflix Series. The music for this series was composed by Haim Mazar with contributions by Paul Ottinger (aka knownwolf). Mazar’s film score credits include the biopic thriller ‘The Iceman’ – starring Michael Shannon, Winona Ryder, Chris Evans, Ray Liota and James Franco, Adam Robitel’s critically acclaimed indie horror ‘The Taking of Deborah Logan,’ and action thriller ‘I Am Wrath’ – starring John Travolta and Christopher Meloni.

Haim Mazar used traditional film-scoring techniques along with Trap and Hip-Hop sensibilities and had the following to say about his work on Sneakerheads:

Hip-Hop influences have become increasingly popular in today’s film-music genre…this is definitely the first time I’ve ever done something like this, and hopefully not the last.

Allen Maldonado (Black-ish) stars in Sneakerheads, the new Complex Networks original production created by Jay Longino, who also serves as showrunner, and directed by famed music video director Dave Meyers:

 The series focuses on ex-sneakerhead Devin, played by Maldonado, a stay-at-home father who’s lured back into the game and is almost immediately placed $5,000 in the hole after an old friend—Bobby (played by Andrew Bachelor a.k.a. King Bach)—pulls a get-rich-quick scheme.


01 Chip and a Chair
02 Bang This Left
03 Fire
04 Storage Wars
05 Auction
06 Jason Hoodak
07 Nori
08 The Zeroes
09 Flight Club
10 Red Octobers
11 Cubicle
12 Car Talk
13 Mark Wahlberg
14 The Convincer
16 Towel Taunt
17 Tennis Camp
18 You About To See Nice
19 Black Panther
20 CSI Sandwich
21 Uncle Paulies
22 Cat Fight
23 Bad Girl
24 Tic Tac
25 Hong Kong Chase
26 Lil Rel
27 I Knew You Were Real
28 I’m Sorry
29 Fuck You Bobby BONUS TRACK
30 The Perfect Pair UNUSED BONUS TRACK
31 Bang Bang BONUS TRACK

You can purchase and download the official soundtrack for Sneakerheads now!

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