Film Soundtracks A-W


Soundtrack Review: The Alienist (2018)

Soundtrack Review: Altered Carbon (2018)

Soundtrack Review: American Assassin (2017)

Soundtrack Review: American Made (2017)

Soundtrack Review: Annihilation (2018)

Soundtrack Review: Avengers: Infinity War (2018)


Balto “Heritage of the Wolf”

Miklos Rozsa conducts Ben-Hur suite (1979)

“Overture” from Ben-Hur by Miklos Rozsa

Soundtrack Review: Ben-Hur (1959)

Soundtrack Review: BoJack Horseman (2014-present)


Das Boot “Main Theme” (1981)


Music as Emotional Expression: Equilibrium (2002)

Ex Machina “Ava”


The Fellowship of the Ring “The Shire” (2001)

The Fellowship of the Ring “Shadow of the Past” (2001)

The Fellowship of the Ring “The Wood Elves/Passing of the Elves” (2001)

The Fellowship of the Ring “The Treason of Isengard” (2001)

The Fellowship of the Ring “A Knife in the Dark” (2001)

The Fellowship of the Ring “Flight to the Ford” (2001)

The Fellowship of the Ring “Many Meetings” (2001)

The Fellowship of the Ring “The Ring Goes South/Fellowship Main Theme” (2001)

The Fellowship of the Ring “The Bridge of Khazad-Dum” (2001)

The Fellowship of the Ring “Lothlorien” (2001)

First Man “The Landing” (2018)

Soundtrack Review: Flatliners (2017)


Soundtrack Review: Goodbye Christopher Robin (2017)


The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies- Thorin’s Charge!

Soundtrack Review: Hotel Artemis (2018)

The Hunt for Red October “Hymn to Red October” (1990)


Soundtrack Review: I Kill Giants (2018)

Inception “Time”

Interstellar “No Time for Caution”


“Jyn Erso and Hope” from Rogue One, my thoughts…


The King and I “The March of the Siamese Children” (1956)

Krull “Ride of the Firemares”


The Magnificent Seven “Overture”

The Masque of the Red Death: “The Dance of Death” (1964)

Soundtrack Review: Maze Runner-The Death Cure (2018)

Soundtrack Review: Molly’s Game (2017)


Soundtrack Review: Peppermint (2018)

Soundtrack Review: The Predator (2018)


Soundtrack Review: Red Sparrow (2018)

The Return of the King “Lighting the Beacons” (2003)

The Return of the King “Ride of the Rohirrim” (2003)

The Return of The King “The Haradrim Arrive” (2003)


Star Trek II “Enterprise Clears Moorings”

Star Trek II “Surprise Attack”

Star Trek II: “Inside Regula I” (1982)

Star Trek III “Stealing the Enterprise”

A Tale of Two Spocks: Spock’s Theme in Wrath of Khan and The Undiscovered Country

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country “Main Theme” (1991)

Star Trek: First Contact “Main Theme”

Star Trek: Insurrection “Ba’Ku Village”

Star Wars “The Imperial March”

Star Wars: Rebels “It’s Over Now”

Soundtrack Review: Stranger Things 2


Soundtrack Review: Teen Wolf (2011-present)

Soundtrack Review: Tomb Raider (2018)

Troy “The Trojan Horse” and “The Fall of Troy”

The Two Towers “Lament for Theodred” (2002)

The Two Towers “Last March of the Ents” (2002)


Soundtrack Review: The Walking Dead (2010-present)

Soundtrack Review: Winchester (2018)