Film Composers A-H

The following is a guide to film composers whose last names begin with A-H. Each page is a combination of a filmography and a collection of interviews and scoring sessions. Links are updated as information becomes available (the eventual goal is to find an interview and/or scoring session for each movie). Enjoy!

Craig Armstrong: Scottish film composer, probably best known for Romeo + Juliet and Moulin Rouge


David Arnold : A British film composer best known for his work scoring Stargate, Independence Day and five James Bond films

John Barry : English film composer and conductor who sadly passed away in 2011. Between 1963 and 1987 he composed the music for 11 James Bond films and also arranged the “James Bond theme” for the first film Dr. No. Over his career he received 5 Academy Awards and ten Golden Globe nominations (with one win for Out of Africa). Other notable film scores include Dances with Wolves, The Lion in Winter and The Black Hole.


Marco Beltrami : An American film composer best known for his work in horror films, including the Scream franchise, Resident Evil and The Woman in Black.

Elmer Bernstein: A legendary film composer, Bernstein (no relation to Leonard Bernstein) was best known for his epic work on The Ten Commandments (1956), the Magnificent Seven films (1960-1972), Ghostbusters and The Black Cauldron among many others.

Adam Blau: American film and television composer, currently working on the soundtrack for You’re the Worst


Carter Burwell: An American film composer who frequently collaborates with the Coen brothers, having scored 15 of their films to date.

Aaron Copland (1900-1990): Legendary American composer, perhaps more known today for his symphonic music than his film scores, but he did win an Academy Award for his work on The Heiress (1949).


John Debney : An American film composer and conductor. His score for The Passion of the Christ (2004) was nominated for an Academy Award. Recent notable work includes The Jungle Book (2016)


Alexandre Desplat : A French film composer who has contributed to a number of Hollywood films, including Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Parts 1 & 2, The Twilight Saga: New MoonThe Golden Compass, Argo and The Grand Budapest Hotel.


Patrick Doyle : A Scottish film composer known for his longtime collaboration with director Kenneth Brannagh. Has composed the music for such films as Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Eragon, Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Thor.


Danny Elfman : An American film composer best known for his collaborations with director Tim Burton and his iconic themes for the 1989 Batman film.

Hugo Friedhofer (1901-1981): An American film composer born of German immigrants, he worked primarily in the Golden Age of Hollywood.


Michael Giacchino : An American film and television composer, well known for creating the score for the hit television series LOST and Alias. In film, he is (thus far) the sole composer for the rebooted Star Trek film series and has collaborated several times with J.J. Abrams.

Elliot Goldenthal: An American film composer who studied under Aaron Copland and John Corigliano. He won the Academy Award for Best Original Score in 2002 for Frida (he’s also responsible for scoring Batman Forever and Alien 3 among other film scores).

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Jerry Goldsmith : A legendary American film composer well-known for creating the music for multiple Star Trek films, The Omen, Rambo, Mulan, the original Planet of the Apes and Alien (this is just a small sample of the many scores he created). Goldsmith passed away in 2004.


Harry Gregson-Williams : An English film composer who has created the scores for the first Chronicles of Narnia film, the Shrek franchise, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and more recently, The Martian.

Rupert Gregson-Williams: The brother of Harry Gregson-Williams, has most recently composed the music for The Legend of Tarzan and the upcoming Wonder Woman film.


Bernard Herrmann: An American composer and film composer particularly well-known for his seven film collaboration with Alfred Hitchcock. His most famous scores include: Citizen Kane, Psycho, The Day the Earth Stood Still and Jason and the Argonauts.

David Hirschfelder: Australian musician and film composer. His best known score is likely Elizabeth (1998), though he has composed many others.


James Horner : A truly great American film composer, Horner got his big break composing the music for Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. Horner went on to compose a number of film scores in multiple genres, his best known score would probably be for Titanic (for which he won his only two Oscars). Horner tragically died in a plane crash on June 22, 2015.


James Newton Howard : An American film composer well-known for creating film scores in a relatively short period of time. He has composed for Disney (Treasure Planet, Atlantis: The Lost Empire and Dinosaur) and was also responsible for scoring the entire Hunger Games franchise. He frequently collaborates with M. Night Shyamalan and Francis Lawrence.