What Disney taught me about life: Things I learned from the Movies

This post is part of the Things I Learned from the Movies Blogathon hosted by Silver Screenings and Speakeasy.

So, I have a confession to make. Originally I was going to write about what Disney films taught me about humor, but as I got started, I realized I couldn’t think of any good examples. So, I decided to make the subject a little broader, and talk about several life lessons I learned from Disney films (my apologies for the last minute change).

  1. Sometimes when you love a person, you have to let them go. This happens in Pocahontas (1995) when Pocahontas and John Smith know they love each other, but John has to go back to England to be treated for his injuries. Pocahontas could go with him, but she needs to stay with her people, and so they say goodbye, even though it breaks both their hearts.
  2. Imagination is a very powerful tool. I learned this from The Sword in the Stone (1963). Most of Merlin’s lessons are based on the Wart’s ability to “imagine” that he is a fish, or a bird or a squirrel before the magic can actually work. And as the Wart’s imagination is opened up further, he grows further and further as a young man.
  3. You don’t always fall in love at first sight. I know most Disney films portray the opposite, but that’s exactly my point. Until very recently, Disney portrayed true love as being something that could occur in a single meeting. Or, to be more generous, something that could occur over a relatively short period of time. While that’s better, I really think that real love takes closer to a year to happen. The good news is that Disney is slowly moving away from “true love at first sight”.

and the most important thing I learned from Disney films?

4. Sometimes the “bad guy” wins. The big example for this comes from The Lion King, when Scar succeeds with his plan to kill Mufasa. While we all want to believe that the hero always wins and the villain always loses, in real life it’s usually the other way around. And, while it took me years to understand, I think it’s good that Disney includes this concept in some of their stories. It hurts, but it’s a lesson that needs to be shared.

And that’s a small sample of the things I learned from Disney movies. I hope you enjoyed checking it out! Thanks to Silver Screenings and Speakeasy for hosting this great blogathon!

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6 thoughts on “What Disney taught me about life: Things I learned from the Movies

  1. Silver Screenings

    Yes, sometimes the bad guy does win. I don’t like it when the baddies win in the movies, but you’re absolutely right – they often win in real life and, sadly, it is a lesson that needs to be shared.

    These are wise lessons you (and Disney) have shared with us. Thanks for bringing them to the blogathon! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. movierob

    cool idea Becky! I totally agree with ur lessons.
    Scar wins, but only temporarily so does that really count? same could be said for lots of movies, but is a win in the middle of a film a win or just an excuse to get the hero to evolve and eventually overcome the bad guy?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Renate

    This is really good things you have learned, I think it’s actually good to realize that one won’t just have a fairy godmother that will make everything right and you will live happily ever after (it hurts to say that the world doesn’t work like that). I do however tend to be a dreamer who believes in true love and soulmates. Such a fun idea and post!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person


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