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Justice League Dark (2017), WOW!!!


Wow!! Wow, wow and WOW!!! More please!!!

Those were the first thoughts I had as the end credits of Justice League Dark began to roll. For weeks I’d been looking forward to picking this up the day it came to DVD/BluRay, largely because this film features Matt Ryan reprising his role as John Constantine (granted it’s animation and not live-action, but I’ll take what I can get).

I actually haven’t seen that many of the DC animated films, the last one I recall seeing is Superman/Batman: Apocalypse, so it’s hard for me to say where this one ranks in terms of animation quality and etc. But I can say that what I saw, I liked. Some of my favorite parts involved the casting of magic spells, which did look a little reminiscent of the spell-casting in Doctor Strange, but that’s another story. Let’s get down to details!!

The titular Justice League Dark (for this film) consists of:

John Constantine: The extremely reluctant leader, a smartass magician and conjurer, owner of the House of Mystery, lives dangerously by conning demons out of their riches, and has a penchant for getting punched in the face by people he’s pissed off. To be brief, he doesn’t play well with others (watching him interact with Batman is a riot!!)

Zatanna Zatara: A popular stage magician who also possesses very real and powerful magic. She’s the only person Constantine is actually willing to work with (as it is implied they not only worked together previously, but that they also had a relationship of some kind). She’s resisted using her powers to fight evil (as Constantine does), citing that she prefers using her abilities to bring joy to others.

Jason Blood/Etrigan: Jason is a 500 year old immortal and formerly a knight of Camelot. He’s an unwilling immortal because, after being mortally wounded by an insane wizard named “Destiny” (no, really!!), Merlin bound the dying knight to the demon Etrigan to save his life. To summon Etrigan, Jason must recite a rhyme, and his body is replaced with Etrigan’s. Etrigan is a Hell demon who only speaks in rhyme (and even though he’s a demon, he seems less evil than most). Jason has spent centuries trying to find a way to separate Etrigan from himself.

Deadman: This is one I’d never heard of before now. Formerly a trapeze artist named Boston Brand, Deadman was assassinated during a performance, but his spirit was given power by a Hindu god named Rama Kushna, giving him the ability to possess the living in order to bring his killer to justice. Deadman is a wisecracking smartass, but he started to grow on me as the story went on.

And there’s also…

Swamp Thing (!!!!!!!!): Unbelievably (to me) this is the first time Swamp Thing has ever appeared in a DC Animated film (which is crazy because he’s an awesome character!!!) He doesn’t appear for that long in the story, but when he does appear, he practically steals the show. Swamp Thing is the protector of “the Green” (basically all plant life), and was formerly a human named Alec Holland. Alec was murdered, and his body used as the basis to create Swamp Thing. He really doesn’t like Constantine.

There’s also Batman, yes, I said Batman. I reluctantly understand why they put the Dark Knight in this story, but I hate that they had to do it. Basically, Warner Bros. wanted to ensure that as many people saw this film as possible, and they knew that if Batman was advertised as being in the story, more people would check it out on impulse. But truly, Batman doesn’t do THAT much, he’s more of an observer than anything else (especially when magical things are going on).

The story of Justice League Dark is actually really dark!! The opening sequence became more disturbing as it went on. Here’s the gist: some unknown force is causing ordinary citizens to believe they’re surrounded by demons and monsters that they have to attack/kill to get away from. This results in unspeakable tragedies: a woman mowing down dozens of bystanders with her car; a man who nearly kills his wife and children because he believes “monsters” killed them (in a gruesome twist, it’s revealed he’s already killed several neighbors and their families); and, most heartbreaking of all, a woman throws her newborn from the roof of a cathedral because she believes she’s given birth to the devil. Batman is able to save the baby, but the mother jumps to her death.


The dark Justice League are led to believe that this is the work of wizard Felix Faust (someone the regular Justice League has encountered in the past). Richie, an old friend of Constantine’s, who is also dying from a magical cancer, also points the finger at Faust, claiming the wizard attacked him. Richie also states that a magical ring seen in the memories of one of the victims belongs to Faust as well. The team goes to confront Faust in his magical observatory, leading to a magical battle for the ages. There is an especially epic sequence when Zatanna goes into total badass mode, unleashing her full magic on the wizard, nearly killing him until Constantine stops her. Then comes a wrinkle: Batman confirms that Faust is NOT the culprit in this attack. But Richie, a dying man, wouldn’t lie to Constantine…or WOULD he?

In a plot twist I did NOT see coming, it’s revealed that Richie is actually possessed by a fragment of the wizard Destiny’s soul (portions of which were bound in a huge gem that partially shattered when Merlin defeated him 500 years ago). Destiny has conned Richie into thinking that if he acquires the rest of the gem (currently sitting in the House of Mystery after Constantine acquired it in a card game from some demons), he (Richie) will become immortal and very powerful. The attack was staged, with blame falsely assigned to Faust so that the team would leave him alone in the House. But Richie has been tricked: the only thing reassembling the gem will do is give Destiny the means of re-entering the physical world, using Richie’s body as a base for his own.

Now the world is in real danger: Destiny is so powerful that he could conquer the world in a matter of days. The trouble is, the wizard is protected by a super-powerful magical shield, and he also wields the power to drive any potential attackers mad, making them think they’re surrounded by monsters. In fact, Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern all become infected by this madness, and the team is barely able to hold them off for a time. Also, Destiny is able to 1) forcibly separate Jason Blood from Etrigan and 2) seemingly disintegrate Swamp Thing by pulling Alec Holland’s aged remains from his plant body (whether this is permanent or not is not explained). It comes down to Constantine and Deadman to provide an opening to defeat the wizard. Constantine allows Deadman to possess him and tricks Destiny into taking him inside the magical shield. Once inside, Deadman launches into the wizard, distracting him long enough to bring the magical shield down, giving Jason Blood the chance to stab the wizard in the back, mortally wounding him. The wizard is destroyed, but Richie remains…for a moment. Throughout the film, Constantine has noted Death Shrouds hanging around Richie’s house (spirits that take souls to Hell). They’ve been waiting for Richie to die, and after everything he’s been through, Richie’s soul is ripe for the taking. He begs Constantine to do something, but after being betrayed, Constantine can’t take the risk that Destiny isn’t manipulating Richie still. The result? Richie’s soul is literally dragged screaming into Hell.

The Earth is saved, but not everyone on the team survives (I won’t say who, but it made me sad when a certain character died). Zatanna has been invited to join the Justice League, and apparently so has Constantine (he laughs at the idea).

I really enjoyed this movie a lot. Seeing Constantine was just amazing (I could literally watch him all day long and not get bored), and as I said before, watching him interact with Batman was downright hilarious! I also (no surprise) loved the music; the main theme was fantastic. I sincerely hope there are Justice League Dark sequels down the road. I will also take a stand alone Constantine film, a stand alone Swamp Thing film, even a stand alone Zatanna film (but I really just want more Constantine).

I highly recommend this film, even if you’ve never read anything about Justice League Dark or Constantine before, this is a great jumping in point, because we get backstory on practically everyone. The film is available on DVD/BluRay as of yesterday (February 7th).

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Thoughts on Sailor Moon R: The Movie


On Saturday night I got to do something I never thought I’d get to do: see a Sailor Moon film in the theater!!!! Just last month, a brand new English dub of Sailor Moon R: The Movie was released for the very first time in North America. It was a LONG time coming (considering the film premiered in Japan in 1993) but for me, it was worth the wait.

The film is set after the initial adventures of Usagi and her friends (after we meet Chibiusa, but as far as I can tell, BEFORE we meet Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. At the very least, they don’t show up in the story). Usagi, Mamoru (her boyfriend), and the other Sailor Senshi are spending the day at the botanical garden when a strange man named Fiore arrives. He appears to know Mamoru, and says that he has come to fulfill a promise he made to bring him flowers.


Fiore has a pretty intense entrance at the garden

It takes some time, but Mamoru eventually remembers that Fiore was a strange boy who showed up at the hospital shortly after his parents were killed in a car accident. They became friends very quickly, but Fiore was actually an alien being who couldn’t survive in Earth’s atmosphere for very long, so he had to leave. But before he left, he promised Mamoru that he would return with flowers for him (as Mamoru gave him a rose just before he left).



But (naturally) something is wrong: the flower Fiore has found is a Xenian flower, one of the most dangerous plants in the universe!! The bottom looks like a normal plant, but the middle of the bloom has the upper body of a woman!! The flower is dangerous because it latches onto weak-minded hosts (preferably humans) and feed off their energy, turning any fears into implacable paranoia and hatred. Wherever a Xenian flower goes, civilization inevitably collapses, with the destruction of the planet following shortly thereafter. Fiore is now firmly controlled by the Xenian, and is bringing an enormous asteroid containing THOUSANDS of Xenians towards Earth: if they successfully arrive, the human race will be annihilated, no matter what Sailor Moon or her allies tried.

To complicate matters, in an early battle, Mamoru (fighting as Tuxedo Mask) is critically wounded when he dives in front of Sailor Moon to save her from a killing blow launched by Fiore. The alien takes Mamoru back to the asteroid to heal him, and after deducing its location, the Sailor Senshi teleport there in pursuit.


Fiore under control of the Xenian

Fiore, under the Xenian’s influence, cannot see why the Sailor Senshi are fighting so hard, as he believes (falsely) that they do not care about Mamoru, or anyone else for that matter. He spent so much of his life alone, that he believes no one can understand his loneliness, or why he needs a friend so badly. But a series of flashbacks reveal that the Sailor Senshi know exactly how Fiore feels, because they’ve all gone through it themselves. And the reason they fight so hard now is because Sailor Moon is the glue that holds them all together.

But despite this outpouring of love, Fiore won’t give up. Goaded on by the Xenian, he alters the asteroid’s course so that it will hit the Earth!! Assuming the planet isn’t completely destroyed in the process, the Xenian will take over whatever is left. Sailor Moon cannot allow this to happen, and she only has one course of action left: she activates the full power of the Silver Crystal (despite her friends begging her not to).


Serenity using the Silver Crystal

Sailor Moon transforms into Princess Serenity and unleashes the Silver Crystal, which begins to break down the asteroid as it enters the atmosphere. Mamoru and the others lend their support, and it works….but the Crystal shatters as a result, and Sailor Moon is dead…or IS she? Just before he leaves, now free of the Xenian’s control (the Silver Crystal annihilated it), Fiore gives Mamoru the flower he promised: it holds the power of life inside it. This is used to revive Sailor Moon as Fiore flies back into space.

For the whole movie, I was sitting in my seat wide-eyed like a little kid. Sailor Moon is the very first anime I was ever exposed to, and so it has always held a special place in my heart. Sailor Moon R: The Movie is a great story, there are so many flashback clips that, even if you haven’t seen any of the regular episodes, I don’t think you would be lost if you just jumped into this film. The only part that bugs me is the ending: where is Fiore going? Will we ever see him again? It just feels so abrupt, that I wish the ending played out a little differently.

I can’t praise the new English dub enough, everyone captured their characters perfectly. And I totally geeked out for the transformation sequences (those were my favorite parts when I was a kid).

If this film is playing near you, I highly recommend going to see it. It’s playing for a very limited engagement (it only played two nights where I live) and I’m not sure how long it will last. Hopefully this means we’ll see the other Sailor Moon films (S and Super S) in theaters too someday 🙂

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Thoughts on Suicide Squad (2016)

It finally happened: I actually caved and watched Suicide Squad, and boy oh boy do I have some thoughts on the subject.


It happened towards the end of my little vacation trip; there was a screening of Suicide Squad that evening and I thought to myself “Well I don’t have anything better to do, why not?” The next thing I know, I’m over an hour in to the story and I’m HOOKED!

Yes, despite the flaws (and they were many), I found myself enjoying the story I was being fed, so I’ll start off by listing the positives:

  • Margot Robbie absolutely KILLED it as Harley Quinn. I could watch her all day long, and I’m eagerly looking forward to the full-length Harley Quinn film.
  • Will Smith was fantastic as Deadshot, I loved the prologue part where he’s demanding his money over the phone before he’ll do the hit. And based entirely on the scene with Deadshot and his daughter (when Batman arrests him), I want/need to see a full-length Deadshot film, and it must have Will Smith in it.
  • The visuals are out of this world! This is important for me, as I’m a visual-based person.
  • I like the look of Enchantress, both her initial look and her secondary look when her brother gives her some of his power so she’s not dependent on her heart.
  • And then there’s the Joker…I admit, I DID enjoy Jared Leto’s performance, what little of it we got to see anyway. I can’t pass a complete judgement on whether it was good or bad because he’s barely there as a character, but it definitely has the potential to be amazing (and definitely a unique spin on the legendary villain).

Those are the big good points for me, now for the not so good.

  • Here’s the thing with Suicide Squad: if you don’t THINK about what you’re seeing, it’s a great story. The problem comes when you think about the sequence of events, where these people come from, etc. and then issues start coming out of the woodwork. Everyone who says they should’ve done some standalone films before launching Suicide Squad are absolutely right. In fact, those “prologue” segments for most of the main characters look like they came from 5-6 separate films, and I desperately want to see more, because aside from the bigger characters like Deadshot, Harley Quinn and Killer Croc, I don’t really know who Captain Boomerang or Diablo are.
  • And then there’s the fact that not all of the characters get a backstory at all. Slipknot is literally introduced out of nowhere, and we don’t even get to know him before he (spoiler alert) dies in a rather gruesome fashion. And THEN there’s Katana, who is also brought in with ZERO explanation, which stinks because she looks really awesome!!
  • And speaking of explanations, I feel like they could’ve made a full-length Enchantress movie explaining how she and her brother came to our dimension, ruled the humans, were betrayed, etc. and such a film would’ve been really helpful in establishing her motives in this film. I mean we do get plenty of hints that the pair were worshipped as gods, that they’re very ancient, but in the end they were betrayed and trapped away, and now they want vengeance.
  • It really was a mistake to put the Joker in this film and NOT have him as the main villain. I know that was the biggest reason (among many others) that this film failed to impress. Because, let’s face it, the previews essentially promised a film where the main villain was the Joker!! And who doesn’t want to see that? Then we actually GET to the film and, even in the extended cut, the Joker has maybe ten minutes of screen time. Talk about a bait and switch!! It should’ve either been Joker as the main villain, or Enchantress as the main villain, but using both was a mistake (though I would’ve been okay if they had done the following: have Harley receive messages from the Joker periodically, but don’t actually show him. THEN, at the very end of the film, have the “Joker breaks Harley out of prison” scene play as normal and show the Joker as a teaser/hook for the inevitable sequel. You know, something to whet the appetite of the audience.

Suicide Squad is definitely not the worst film I’ve ever seen, but it does not meet its full potential either. That being said, it does solidly rank as a good popcorn film with me (that’s why I ran out and bought a DVD copy as soon as I got home from my trip). Hopefully Jared Leto gets to reprise his Joker role in the future so I can form a better opinion of his performance.

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I’m also three away from having 300 followers on my blog; when I get there, I will be having my first “Ask Me Anything” post, so I can’t wait!! 🙂

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Reaction to final Logan (2017) trailer

This week saw the debut of the final trailer for the upcoming film Logan (2017), the final outing of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and the last time we’ll see Patrick Stewart play Professor X (both have played their respective roles since X-Men (2000)).

Final Trailer for Logan (2017): contains violence and swearing

*deep breath* HOLY SH**!!!!!!! Insert any other bleep you’d like, and that about sums up my reaction to this trailer.

I’m so excited to see X-23 brought to life on the big screen. I first became aware of her about two years ago when she showed up in a Black Widow comic (set not long after Wolverine’s “death” in the Marvel Universe). And right now I have to say that the shot of her claws slowly extending as she stalks forward is one of my favorite images. She’s little, but she is NOT to be trifled with.

I’m really looking forward to the relationship that will build between X-23 and Logan, because according to the trailer, Logan doesn’t seem too keen to help (at first anyways). I know a lot of people are speculating that Wolverine is going to die by the end, and I have to say, they might be right. I feel a little torn on this: on the one hand, having Wolverine die would provide a conclusive end to his character’s arc (and it’s not like he’s coming back for another sequel), but at the same time…I don’t WANT to see him die. I know he’s just a fictional character, but of all the X-Men, Wolverine is particularly “real” to me. I’m not sure why, I just identify with him the most, so I know if he does die, watching it happen will be painful for me. I would actually love it if the film ended with Logan and X-23 driving off into the sunset (and I’m perfectly okay if they make a later film with a teenage or a fully grown X-23, because let’s face it, that would be awesome).

Logan premieres on March 3rd, so we don’t have that much longer to wait.

One last note: I love how Logan pulls the girl back from attacking the clerk and he’s like “Not okay!!!” I loved that.

Okay, I mentioned this yesterday and I’ll say it one more time in case anyone missed it: tomorrow I’m leaving on a trip and I won’t be back until the 28th. And when I say I’m on a trip, I mean I will be completely away, no internet access or nothing, so I won’t be able to check my email, respond to comments or anything. I just wanted to make sure everyone knew. Have a good weekend, and have a great week next week 🙂 -Becky

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Didn’t Think I’d Like it (But I did!) #5: The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

This one will surprise a lot of my friends because I am an avowed non-fan of practically every horror film ever made (the Alien franchise being the largest exception to that rule). That being said, not only have I watched The Silence of the Lambs several times, I now find myself enjoying it. I certainly didn’t think it would be that way in the beginning.

I think I’ve mentioned before that when I was growing up there were certain movies I instinctively knew to stay away from, whether it was the nature of the previews or general comments, over time a list formed in my mind of “these are movies I must NOT see because they will either terrorize me or traumatize me in some way.” The Silence of the Lambs ranked high on that list for years, largely due to the reputation of Dr. Hannibal Lecter (portrayed by the legendary Sir Anthony Hopkins). The way everyone talked about Lecter, I knew he was a character that would make my skin crawl, and so I stayed away.

Then came college. I tried a LOT of different films in those four years, and at some point (I honestly don’t remember how), I ended up watching The Silence of the Lambs. And to my great surprise, I found myself enjoying the story. Of course the parts with the serial killer Buffalo Bill terrified me to no end (they still do if I’m honest), but this was compensated by my fascination with Hannibal Lecter. The way Hopkins brings this character to life is nothing short of fascinating, you can’t help but watch him whenever he’s on screen.

If you haven’t seen this film before, The Silence of the Lambs is a 1991 adaptation of the 1988 novel of the same name by Thomas Harris and tells the story of Clarice Starling, a young FBI agent who is assigned to help track down the notorious serial killer known only as Buffalo Bill. To do this, she must interview another notorious serial killer, Dr. Hannibal Lecter, once a respected forensic psychiatrist who is locked up in a mental institution after it is discovered he is a cannibalistic serial killer (he eats parts of his victims’ gourmet style).

The Silence of the Lambs is proof that you shouldn’t let a film’s reputation scare you. If I’d never tried this film, I would never have realized that I enjoy psychological thrillers. This film is also what made me a huge fan of Sir Anthony Hopkins. Not to mention it also has an amazing score courtesy of Howard Shore. If you get the chance, definitely try this film, you just might find yourself liking it.

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Favorite (and not so favorite) films that I saw in 2016

So…I saw a LOT of films in the theater this year. And when I say a lot, I mean a lot more than what is usual for me. Normally, I get to go to the theater MAYBE 2 to 3 times a year (what can I say, movie theaters cost a LOT of money). But this year…I think I’ve gone at least eight times, which is a big increase. Unfortunately, not all of those films were worth the price of admission. So permit me to run through the films I saw in the theater this year (in no particular order):

  1. Hail, Caesar (Released February 1st, 2016): Oy vey….what a waste of money THIS was. The previews led me to believe that this would be a hysterical satire of 1950s Hollywood. What I got was a semi-coherent mishmash that is barely funny. Watch at your peril.
  2. Gods of Egypt (Released February 24th, 2016): This film is one of my guilty pleasures, I freely admit it. I have always been fascinated by Egyptian mythology (actually by all mythology, if I’m honest) and seeing Nikolaj Coster-Waldau playing someone OTHER than Jaime Lannister (despite the similarities between that character and Horus) was a great experience. I know the casting is all wrong for the location this film is supposed to be in, but I enjoyed the story too much to really care (it’s supposed to be a fantasy film anyhow). One of my favorite films in the first part of the year.
  3. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (Released February 4th, 2016): This film proved that miracles are possible: there IS a zombie film I can watch without hiding my face in terror (seriously, I avoid zombie films whenever possible). I’ve never read the book this film is based on (though I’ve seen it in stores plenty of times), but I liked the idea of combining a Jane Austen novel with the zombie apocalypse, it’s such a crazy combination that it has to work!
  4. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Released November 10th, 2016): The biggest surprise of the year for me, having never seen a Harry Potter film in theater, I didn’t think I could watch these and enjoy them (I was wrong!!). Not only did I enjoy myself, I’m actively looking forward to the sequels that are inevitably coming. Also I wish I had a Thunderbird of my very own.
  5. Kubo and the Two Strings (Released August 19th, 2016): I LOVE THIS FILM!!!! I will always be a fan of stop-motion animation, and Kubo should make it easy to see why. That film is a masterpiece, an instant classic, it’s something everyone should see at least once in their lives. Set in ancient Japan, the story is a fairy tale brought to stunning life. This is one film I can’t wait to add to my DVD collection (once I have the money to do so)
  6. The Legend of Tarzan (Released June 30th, 2016): I don’t care what anyone says, I enjoyed this film. Yes, it is flawed, but I was able to buy into the story regardless. Watching Tarzan fly through the trees and hearing an amazing musical score made it all worth it for me. If they made a sequel to this, I don’t think I would mind. A good film experience overall.
  7. Moana (Released November 23rd, 2016): I waited all year for this film and it was worth the wait! A more than worthy addition to the Disney Animated Classics canon. The music of Moana had me in tears more than once, and it is now one of my favorite Disney films. Go see this film if you haven’t yet, it is worth it I promise!
  8. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (Released December 16th, 2016): I still need to see this film again, that’s how good it was. Aside from a few surprises (the nature of which will be debated for years to come), this film was everything I dreamed of and more. If all the stand-alone Star Wars films can be this good (or better), the Star Wars Universe is in safe hands (though I still hope Disney doesn’t overdo it).

And those are the films I went to see in the theater this year! This will be all for me in 2016, but expect some BIG things to start off 2017 🙂 I hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend, and I’ll see you in 2017! -Becky

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Thinking about the trailer for Alien: Covenant (2017)



After waiting what feels like an eternity, the full trailer for Alien: Covenant finally dropped and holy #*#&# did it deliver! I honestly have no idea how any of what we saw will tie in to Prometheus while simultaneously setting us up for the original Alien, but I do know one thing: Alien: Covenant is getting back to the roots of the story.

Alien: Covenant Trailer

Think about it: this all started with the crew of a spaceship being stalked by the menacing Alien xenomorph, and it looks like we’re going back to that scenario once again. And I think this is a good thing!! Half the thrill of any Alien film is wondering when/where that terrifying creature is going to appear, and unless the trailer is leaving some significant details out, this is going to happen once again.

Did anyone else notice in the “chestburster” scene imminently happening while the other crewmember was trapped inside, that the Alien seemed to be bursting out of his back?? Maybe I had the angle wrong, but it didn’t look like the typical Alien birth (it figures they would try to switch things up).

I’m willing to bet the shower scene with the Alien (at the end of the trailer) is going to be the most terrifying moment of the film. It also reminded me of something I heard regarding the original Alien film: that Ridley Scott had wanted to include more…sexual moments with the Alien, or at the very least, moments that could be interpreted as sexual, but they either didn’t work or were disturbing for all the wrong reasons, so they were cut. I couldn’t help but notice the Alien’s tail curling up the woman’s leg and I wonder if this is Ridley Scott trying once more to include moments he’d wanted to do in the original film.

And is anyone else convinced that everyone is going to die in one way or another? Because I’m pretty sure they’re all going to die, this is a xenomorph we’re talking about after all.

This is one film I can’t wait to see next year! Are you looking forward to Alien: Covenant? Let me know in the comments! I hope everyone had a great Christmas (or a great holiday in general), now that I’m back in town I will be working to get the blog back on schedule. I can’t believe that 2016 is nearly over, but I’m looking forward to the new year. Have a great day! -Becky

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