Reviewing Looney Tunes: Bugs’ Bonnets (1956)


Released: January 14th, 1956

Directed by: Chuck Jones

Bugs’ Bonnets is a cartoon that isn’t as well known as some of the other Jones classics (like the Rabbit Season trilogy for example), but it is still a great cartoon in my opinion. The scenario for this cartoon is half-story (Elmer hunting Bugs) and half-documentary (looking at how different hats can change your personality). Since this is a cartoon, the hats instantly change Elmer and Bugs’ personalities, with hilarious results. One interesting piece of trivia: in this cartoon Elmer suddenly knows how to pronounce his “R’s” correctly. My favorite examples in this cartoon include:


-Bugs wears an Army sergeant’s helmet and gives Elmer a chewing out (“Alright dog face, how come every other private in this man’s army’s got a rifle and YOU’VE got a gun?”) In response, Elmer ends up wearing a hat reminiscent of General MacArthur, announcing “I have returned.”

-Bugs (in a game warden’s hat) chides Elmer for “shooting sergeants out of season.”

-Elmer (in a cop’s hat) threatens Bugs (in a “gangster” fedora) while the latter tries to buy Elmer off with a bribe. Before he can give the money back, Bugs’ hat is replaced with a judge’s wig, prompting Bugs to believe Elmer is trying to bribe HIM!


While this cartoon is more a string of gags than anything else, that doesn’t stop it from being really funny. What do you think of Bugs’ Bonnets? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and have a great day!

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