Soundtrack News: ‘The Reason I Jump’ hybrid OST Is Out Now!

Mercury KX has released the OST of the Sundance 2020 winning feature film The Reason I Jump composed by award-winning composer Nainita Desai.
This is a soundtrack that has already been nominated for both a BIFA and Cinema Eye Honors Award for Best Music Score.

Based on the best-selling book by Naoki Higashida, The Reason I Jump is an immersive cinematic exploration of neurodiversity through the experiences of non-speaking autistic people from around the world, directed by Jerry Rothwell. The film blends Higashida’s revelatory insights into autism written when he was just 13, with intimate portraits of five remarkable young people. It opens a window for audiences into an intense and overwhelming, but often joyful, sensory universe.

Like the book upon which the film is based, Desai’s score opens a door to a constellation of divergent ways of experiencing reality. The aim was to evoke the intense sensory worlds described in the book with a Dolby Atmos 360 soundtrack. Distinctions were made between the musical worlds of the different characters in the soundtrack, using different instrumentation. True to the film’s themes, Nainita sought authenticity towards Autism and Neurodiversity, Elisabeth Wiklander, cellist with the LPO is autistic and a cultural ambassador for the National Autistic Society and her contribution brought great sensitivity and perception.

“This piece is my most personal musical reflection from the film and interpretation of the characters’ experience of neurodiversity. The lyrics are inspired by text from the original book where I gave a voice to the non-verbal characters, breaking their ‘silence’. I wanted the lyricism of the strings, the delicate piano and purity of the voice to shed a gentle light on all the facets of autism explored in the film, tying Naoki’s final words together with understanding and empathy”, says Nainita Desai about the focus track ‘The Reason I Jump’

The Reason I Jump is Desai’s 7th soundtrack release but also her most personal; a hybrid OST and personal album ‘the album embodies my roots in sound design, the human voice, electronic and sonic exploration of acoustic instruments that hint at the journey I am embarking on my own with my own personal music’.

Track List

  1. Time Has No Boundaries (2:23)
  2. Beauty Is In The Detail (2:40)
  3. I, Too, Exist (3:51)
  4. Floating Into Focus (3:01)
  5. Shaking The Ropes Loose (1:24)
  6. Memories And Images (1:27)
  7. Outside The Flow Of Time (2:27)
  8. Drowning In A Sea Of Words (3:04)
  9. The Reason I Jump (3:32)
  10. Green Boxes (1:44)
  11. The Prettiness Of A Dandelion (2:08)
  12. Imaginings (1:48)
  13. Forever Swaying (3:06)
  14. Permission To Be Alive (1:42)
  15. Faulty Robot (1:34)
  16. The Sensory World (3:54)

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