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What a guy!: Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt

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It is no secret that I am a big fan of the Mission Impossible film series. But why do I like this series so much? Is it because of the music? Yes, that’s certainly part of it. Is it the action? Yup, there’s that too. But at the heart of it, the biggest reason I watch the movies is because of:

Ethanhunt (1)





And oh yes…him!!

That’s right. I confess that I have a gigantic crush on Ethan Hunt (aka the craziest spy to ever walk the face of the Earth. Brilliantly portrayed by Tom Cruise in five films and counting). I didn’t quite realize I had a crush on him until I saw Mission Impossible 2. As dated as that film is in terms of look, there’s a great plot line between Ethan and the thief Nyah, where Ethan has to save her in time after she injects herself with the last dose of the killer Chimera virus. If there’s one thing you can depend on with Ethan Hunt, it’s that he will move heaven and earth to save the people he cares about. And guys who care that deeply about people…well, I find that very attractive in a guy. (It also helps that Ethan is in perfect physical condition too).

Ethan is also that guy who can go anywhere, do anything and literally be anyone. Case in point: see the first Mission Impossible movie where he bluffs his way into meeting Max, the arms smuggler. And every time he raises the stakes with some death-defying stunt (including the free swimming one that nearly killed him in Rogue Nation), I actively worry about him, even though I’m pretty sure I would never cross paths with a man like Ethan Hunt in real life. But hey, I can dream right?

Anyways, that’s my crush on Ethan Hunt, I hope you liked reading about it (I’m totally going to binge on Mission Impossible  movies this coming weekend now).

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